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Dr. Nair
Dr. Nair, Dermatologist
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I have a red rash under my foreskin - I have tried using

Resolved Question:

HI, I have a red rash under my foreskin - I have tried using canestan but that did not clear it up,I have also tried hydrocortisone,but that seemed to make it redder,what can i do?
Can I send you a photo of it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 6 years ago.
How long have you had the problem? And how long did you use the creams?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi, I have had it for about 3 months, I did have Balantis and the doc gave me canestan, that cleared up the Balantis on the head of the penis, but now my foreskin is red, I used canestan for about 1 month and hydrocortisone for about 2 weeks.
Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for the information. Could you please upload the photograph you have? You can do so by clicking on the paper clip icon in the question box toolbar. If you have any trouble with this please let me know.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Expert:  Dr. Nair replied 6 years ago.
I hope you find our interaction helpful. If you are satisfied with my response(s) please remember to press the ACCEPT button.

Thank you for the photographs. Though the rash is obviously treatment modified my first provisional diagnosis would be 'Candidal Balanoposthitis' (CBP).

This is a skin infection by the candida yeast and is very common. It is also easily treatable. However my approach to a patient like you would be to stop all treatment for 10 days and do a skin scraping for KOH examination from the glans penis and foreskin. This will pick up the yeast if present. If the test is negative then other possibilities like irritant or allergic balanoposthitis need to be considered. Therefore if possible I would recommend seeing your doctor and discussing this test with him. If not then here is an over the counter regimen that you can try:

1. 2% Miconazole cream + 1% Cortizone cream: Mix the creams in a 1:1 ratio and apply twice a day over the affected area for 14 days. Finish the treatment period even if the symptoms subside earlier.

2. Tab Claritin 10 mg once a day for 7 days.

3. Keep the area as clean and dry as possible.

4. Zeasorb-AF powder (Clotrimazole) for dusting: i.e. apply over the genitalia and groins before wearing your undergarments. Continue for 4 weeks.

NOTE: All of the above can be bought without a prescription.

You should be fine in 7-10 days with the above regimen. In case there is insufficient improvement then you will require oral fluconazole, however this is only available on prescription.

Hope this information is useful, please feel free to ask if you have any queries.
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