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dermdoc19, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  30 years practice in general and cosmetic dermatology
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Suffering from an itchy oozing rash, need help!

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itchy oozing rash?

dermdoc19 :

Hello, Where is the rash? How long have you had it? Was there any response at all from the medications so far used?


Hello- the rash is on the top of my right hand. it starts with little intensity itching bumps that ooze if I itch them and it spreads when I itch it. I have had it on my hand for 5-6 months now. It has also appeared on the back of my left hand with a few bumps but not as severe as the top of my right hand. It is now scarred not pretty.

I am now having (past 2 days) an itchy rash on my breasts and a few spots on my stomach and some itchy bumps on my calves, the rash on my breasts is very itchy.

I have been to several doctors for my hand and one prescribed antibiotics for my hand at that point it was very bad. I kept a bandage on it because it was so ugly and dripping ooze. I thought it was contagious so I kept it covered, Plus it was very ugly! I took the antibiotics but it did not get better.

Then I went to another doc and he said it was sebbaceous eczemafrom severely dry skin and it was not contagious. He gave me a prescription for a topical steroid cream- which cleared it up temporarily but it keeps flaring up and I don't know how safe topical steroid cream is long term or if that is even the problem. I have not been washing dishes and try not to wash my hands too much and I put lotion on but I'm confused b/c now it is on my breasts and I can't get my hand to clear up scalding hot water relieves the itching but burns me and my hand is now scarred. I want it to go away.

What is it? What is causing it?

dermdoc19 :

Hi again. Would you be able to send a photograph?


Hi- I took some pictures but I am not sure how to send them- sorry it is taking a while-how do you attach pictures?


Still trying to figure out how to send pictures- sorry, I've never sent pics. before


Sorry-I am not able to send the picture.

dermdoc19 :

Maybe a relative can help. You hit the paper clip icon to upload.

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Hope these help.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer:
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I am going to sleep now- I will check back in the morning. Hello-good morning, I am back. Hello are you still working on this?

dermdoc19 :

I am. Thank you for the photographs. This seems to be a contact dermatitis. I base this on the fact that you have vesicle (little itchy water bumps), it was steroid responsive and the fact that it is very pruritic ( itching severely.)

What you have to do is figure out any possible contacts. These would include such things as rubber (Do you wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes), nickel, shampoos, lotions, etc. Try to see if there is a patter. For instance, if there is a rash under the bra area, it could be something in your bra.

You should try Maximum Strength Cortaid ointment and whatever steroid cream your physician gave you, while you are trying to figure this out. If you cannot figure this out, I would recommend a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, and if the biopsy is compatible ( or consistent as we say), you should have patch tests to determine what you are allergic to.

Try using something like Prax Lotion to control the itching, otherwise you may scratch and leave scars or infect the area.

dermdoc19 :

Happy to answer further questions, and I apologize for the delay, but it was a busy day in my office and I had a meeting to attend.


Thank you for your help! This is a great way for diagnosis. Thanks again!!

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