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Dr. Skinner
Dr. Skinner, Dermatologist
Category: Dermatology
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I have an itch in my private area, only at night. moderate

Customer Question

I have an itch in my private area, only at night. moderate to severe. It wakes me up. Its been on going for 10mths. It also happens when i sleep in other beds elsewhere, which makes me think its nothing to do with the bed itself.
I have cleaned, steralised etc. Nothing changes.
I have also got a body itch, for the past year, which is all over, but more so on my hair and chest area. Dr has given me steroids which helps for a while but it still comes back.
The main reason for contacting you is the itch in the private region as i wouldnt ask my local GP. It is every single night and is annoying me like crazy. I do not have any marks, bumps, spotting or anything to the naked eye. It is around the pubic hair region and not the vaginal area.
Currently on no meds.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr. Skinner replied 6 years ago.
The most common cause in this situation is stress especially as there are no signs but only symptoms.Certainly would suggest Stress management by meeting a clinical psychologist or by alternative methods like yoga and meditation.Thanks.Queries welcome.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can you suggest other reasons please, as when it started for the first 6 months i had no stress what so ever in my life. Therefore i disagree that this is the cause.
Put aside the body itch, what about the constant itch at night in private region?
Expert:  Dr. Skinner replied 6 years ago.
Neurodermatitis or stress induced itching can occur in various parts of the body including genitals, scalp, trunk and limbs.Neurodermatitis can be primary or secondary.Primary is without any specific reason except stress while secondary can be associated with other causes including eczemas or worm infestation.But they are usually associated with lichenification of the skin.In your case there are no lesions according to you.Moreover antihistamines or steroids have not helped either.Hence the suggestion that stress is indeed the cause.Thanks again.Queries welcome.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
One last question, is there anything i can take for this? Any treatment? Creams? Tablets? antibiotics? Something that will be able to manage this
Expert:  Dr. Skinner replied 6 years ago.
You may have to meet the clinical psychologist as antihistamines have not worked in your case.There is no role for antibiotics.May suggest an anthelminthic like Albendazole 400mg single dose to be repeated after 3 weeks.Thanks again.