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If I stop Advantan cream use I get itchy skin, red small spots

Resolved Question:

I have been using advantan cream on my face for 14 years. I use it 3 times a week, I use a very small amount. I cant seem to stop using it, every time I do I get itchy skin, red small spots, they have no pus in them. They are just itchy and look like a rash. I am forced to use advantan again. I have used, benezol peroxide, but it doesn't suit me. My skin drys out, I have used physio creams by stieffel. cream e45, and all other over the counter creams, but they dont work.
I find I cant use any serums because they work under the skins surface, so I just get little red spots again. I want some oral medication. My skin has also become thin over the years. what can i do to with draw from using advantan.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 6 years ago.

Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.

What you most likely have is Steroid Induced Dermatitis. The Advantan cream is a steroid cream that will thin your skin and will cause this rebound rash when you stop using it. The answer is not one you will want to hear, but you have to stop the cream in order to stop the cycle.

You can withdraw yourself slowly by using it less and less. From daily use to 3X per week, 2X, 1X etc. etc and keep stretching the duration. Then start diluting the cream with a moisturizer. Skin is resilient and can adjust. Either way, you will get flare ups, sometimes even in other parts of your body (sort of metastatic rebound phenomenon). But the key to remember is that it will get worse before it gets better. You will have to avoid all steroid creams at all costs! This includes over the counter creams such as hydrocortisone.

While your face is recovering, you can take some over the counter Benadryl for the rash on the face, apply cool wet cloths to the face, and if it gets too bad before it gets better, you will need to see a Dermatologist or your regular family Dr for some oral medications like Doxycycline. Doxycycline is used for Rosacea and what you will end up with (before it clears itself) is bascially steroid-induced Rosacea. The Doxycycline should help. You can also use something like tacrolimus cream (also called Protopic). It is not a steroid and is used for the rash with Rosacea now.

You can try to withdraw by yourself and you might have great success, but if you find that you cannot, you will need to enlist your GP for the oral meds and creams.

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