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I just starting geting these little black spots on my arms

Customer Question

I just starting geting these little black spots on my arms and hands mostly. When you squeeze and or pick them off, they reveal a hard sliver type thing thats very hard and difficult to remove. When you scrape the black specks off you start bleeding and have to digg for the sliver type thing. these things seem to be multyplying at an alarming rate and some come with a bitting sensation. Please help before it speads to my entire family. Thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 6 years ago.
The dermatologist suggested haldol?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes, apperantly he thought my digging at the insects/parasites was the only problem and didnt think I had an issue. The problem is now getting progressively worse. I now have theses things all over my body most promontly on my hands, arms and leggs. My initial thought was scabies because of the little black speks. I then found these little white headed bumps, offent near the black specks. The wierdest thing is that they not only seem to bore paths under the skin that seems to conect these things. Its ver scary. For instance, if I squeze one area on my skin it would force the little white headed pussy thing to pop up up to an inch or more away from the area im squezing. As I said, its very scary! If I didnt have some semblance of intelect and or comon sense remaining, I would think that I was being attacked by little squides or "invasion of the body snatchers". They even appear to be in my blood and maybe my stools. I have looked at "Meggelons or wegners desease. I also had some severe pain in my right hip after digging out what looked kind like blood veins on my right hip that had turned dark, and it was these things, it looked like they had killed or filled a small area of thin veins.

I woke up with horrible pain in that same hip. I know this sounds crazy but please help me. Also, just FYI it appeas I have been charged already for this service.



Expert:  DrRussMd replied 6 years ago.
You won't get to the bottom of this without lab analysis.
So simply collect some of these and but them in a jar of half water and half grain alcohol.
Then put some in a try sealed jar as well.
Have your regular doctor right a lab order for analysis for parasites.
Does this make sense?