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Dr. Skinner
Dr. Skinner, Dermatologist
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I have raised welts on my scalp, mostly toward the base of

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I have raised welts on my scalp, mostly toward the base of my hairline. They are painful to touch and sometimes burn and itch. I have a dandruff problem (not severe but problematic) I don't wash my hair daily and the welts seem to appear to worsen after 2 or 3 days. I color my hair but this doesn't show up immediately after coloring, (It's been about 3 or 4 weeks and the welts are just getting annoying). I've used Listerine on them and the coolness sooths it but I don't know if I would say its "helping"

I have welts and redness that occurs under my wedding ring at times (I have to take it off to wash dishes or wear gloves). I cannot wear earrings anymore because my piercings get infected even after a short period of time.

I get a rash and (if I scratch the area) welts on my bare skin when it's exposed to cold; such as when I shop in the freezer section of the store for any length of time. I remember years ago getting the welts and "hives" on my butt and thighs when I went tubing down a very cold river and getting these "hives" on my arms walking in the cold of the morning. The area itches and, again they get worse and welt up if I scratch the area.

Are any of these symptoms related or symptomatic of auto-immune disorder?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
are the lesions on the scalp raised weals or boils ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Welts, there doesn't seem to be any "puss" or bleading.

Recurrent urticarial weals, scaling of the scalp appearing like seborrheic dermatitis, &cold urticaria can be associated with cryoglobulinemia or other collagen vascular diseases which are autoimmune disorders.So a complete investigation for the collagen vascular diseases and cryoglobulin level estimation is warranted.Thanks.Queries welcome.
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