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The back of my hands bruise very very easily. Its not like a

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The back of my hands bruise very very easily. Its not like a normal bruise..the blood pools up underneath the top layer of skin with just slightest tap..I can't even shake hands with people anymore. If someone barely squeezes my hand, i get this big red blotch..Is there any treatment whatsoever?

Since when has this been happening? Do you have any significant medical history and if so are you taking any medication for the same? Have you had any bleeding in your urine or stools?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It started about 4yrs ago.No medical history, no blood in stool or urine,i've never been on any medication ever..It just seems like the skin on back of hands has become very fragile,thin..
Sounds like you have something called 'Senile Purpura'. Now this is not a pathological condition per se but an age related change due to weakening of the dermal connective tissue (collagen & elastin - skin proteins that give it its texture). Chronic UV radiation damage from sunlight can hasten the onset of senile purpura. The only thing about your condition that doesn't fit is your age. Senile purpura normally starts in the late 60's, however is sun damaged skin like the back of the hands it can start earlier. I would recommend getting your platelet count checked just to be safe and rule out decreased platelet count as a cause of the easy bruising. Vitamin C tablets (500 mg per day) + an SPF 30+ sunscreen twice a day on the photoexposed areas will help. For established bruises Heparin ointment applied four times a day for 2-4 weeks will help. All these should be available over the counter.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I've tried vitamin C, & i've had my platelets checked..are there any radical treatments like collagen injections,fatty tissue injections,botox..ect.ect.When i get a bruise,the red blotches last from 7 to 10 days. So what i do now is,when i get a bruise i take a razor & tap the bruised area & let the blood bleed out,then apply neosporin oint. And the bruise goes a away in 3-4 days..Is there anything out there at all that will help?
I'm afraid none of what you listed will help. The only thing with significant long term benefit would be a good sunscreen used regularly.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I suppose sunscreen would prevent further damage.But it wouldn't reverse the current problem or would it?I'll try using the 500mg of vit.C daily.I wasn't using that much before,how exactly will the vit.C help?
No sunscreen will not reverse the photoaging that has occurred. However at 55 it won't be all that much, so regular sunscreen use is a very positive lifestyle choice that you can make. Coppertone Ultraguard SPF 50+ or SPF 70+ would be suitable. Vitamin C is a coenzyme in the chemical reaction in the body that makes new skin protein (collagen & elastin). This leads to better support for the small blood vessels in the skin, leading to less damage from minor trauma. Hope this helps.
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