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DrThomasMd, Internist/homeopath
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 64330
Experience:  Internal medicine doctor/homeopathy medical and homeopathic approaches to skin disorders.
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I have an area of dry scaly skin on top of each foot which

Customer Question

I have an area of dry scaly skin on top of each foot which appeared last year after a Summer
of Flipflop wearing- no cream or exfoliating will get rid of the things and I am so worried it might be cancer since I read about someone with it and that as I ve had them for a year it might have spread please help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  DrThomasMd replied 7 years ago.


This is unlikely to be cancer.

The irritation apparently stimulated a precess such as eczema.

Eczema typically can be dry and scaly and appear in only one location, although there are several forms of eczema.

Squamous cell cancer can appear as red, scaly lesions, more often on the face.


To put your mind at rest, a dermatologist can not only diagnose the lesion, but do what is called a punch biopsy for the lab if this is needed [even your gp can probably do this part].


Obviously this can not be diagnosed with high accuracy on the internet, but a process such as eczema or psoriasis is more likely than cancer. If it is a cancer, squamous cell does not spread that readily, and taking care of it now will be prudent.

Good Luck



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