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i have tiny bugs in my hair i have been to my dr twice dermatology

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i have tiny bugs in my hair i have been to my dr twice dermatology twice city helth sent samples to state health been to pest control several, chemical cos. veternary pharmist and no one can itentify them so no one knows what to use we had our house extermanated i have used just about all house hold chemicals most had warning but i used them these things are about to drive me up the wall it started when i was doing volunterr work at good will they work with used clothing for the needy i got head lice i bought nix kit used it twice all lice and eggs were gone we threw our pillows away sprayed beds washed in hotest water and dryer on high and dried sheets towels etc you name it has been on my head to comb critters they are so tiny nit combs do not work have you got a suggestion i can try bought two lice kits on internet finally the lady i was working with on line told me i did not have lice i had something else she was right leonard

Maybe I can help ...


When the hair samples were sent to the state health department, did they see the bugs, but couldn't identify them? Or did they not even see the bugs in the hair sample?


Do you still see places on your hair that look like nits?


What did the dermatologist say?


Dr. Redd

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes the state and city health units seen the bugs i sent samples in sterle jar with alchaol as instruted to state to city took samples in alchaol and dry in bottles the dermatologst did not exame my head he leaned over my head to look he said the sclap was clean and white i also took bugs in a bottle he did not look he give me stromectol 3mg take two one week later take two more also a rx shampoo ordered from internet two places they were both lice kits hot shot was one anorher co. lice killer they did notrhing both oils went to dermatologist again give 63gm kenalog spray and30 gm hydroctortison 2.5 %3rd time he give dermasmothe/fso.01% my dr internal med give me red shampoo first time i seen her she give me lindane shmpoosecond time to city i ask her if she had a light with a magnafing glass like the schools she said yes i ask her if she would use it she no that she did not think i had any thing dermatologist got very sarcastic second time give me the dermasmoothe he said this is for the bugs you think you have more i have used vaseline lice paste hair palm alcohol vinegar bakeing soda mayonaisse kiatern clorox tide and some flea and tick spray and powder also diatomaceous earth iused every thing to let me comb them out with a nit comb but most are too small i get a little bigger ones now and then some are no bigger than a needle point i gan sctrach my head over the bathroom counter and brush a few out some times but usually cant they love my eyes when one gets in it burnes like fire also my nose and of course they crawl and can hop i have used a hair dryer on high and hot sometimes times it feels like i have burned my head but ok so far i have used a shop wet and dry vacuum many times i went to kell west hosp to er a nurse looked with magnafier glasses and said she had never seen any thing like them i rambled on i know but i sure would like to get rid of these things and i thank you for your effort....leonard.............



I once had a patient who didn't believe me that she had lice in her hair, but she allowed me to cut off some hairs (where I saw nits) and send them to my lab. At the lab, they looked at the hair under the microscope and confirmed that there were nits. I sent the hair in an empty test tube, for lack of a better container.


I mention this, because I think that you could ask your doctor to provide you with a sterile container that, when you or he/she find some of the bugs, whether they be on your hair or whether they flake off, as you said ... you could put them in the container for your doctor to send to his or her lab for microscopic analysis.


I think you must quit putting all these crazy things on your scalp ... Clorox, Tide, Baking Soda, Flea & Tick Spray, etc., etc.. Some of these can do just the opposite effect ... they can make your scalp more irritated and itchy than it already is. Also, an irritated, itchy scalp will feel like there are bugs in it ... even if there aren't. So, you want to reduce the irritation as much as you can.


Of everything you've mentioned, I suppose I would continue with the Kenalog spray, hydrocortisone, or Dermasmoothe scalp applications until you can get a hair/bug sample analyzed microscopically by your doctor's lab. Even though these products are not what kills bugs, they are substances that help calm an inflamed, irritated scalp. That will do a lot to help you feel better until you can clarify the problem.


Dr. Redd

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