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I keep getting itchy spots/rash that come and go on my back,

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I keep getting itchy spots/rash that come and go on my back, back of legs, arms near joints. I have been perscribed dermavate. The spots or rash will go and the appear again in same areas. They are more spots than rash, little clusters and very itchy. One area on back of leg appeared as if like bites initially then almost went completely but spots have arisen again in this area. Some spots are a little rough to the touch and appear in all different areas of my back

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Does these spots cause scaling of the skin and easily peel off?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no, some areas and they are small, appear like excema but others are clearly small clusters of spots and are very itchy. The odd spot on my back will be raised a little with a scab like feel but it does not scab over or bleed and does not leek anything. They keep appearing at different areas of my body nearly always small of back, and odd one upper side of back, others back of calf and upper arms closest to joint area
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Well from your description it seems that you are suffering from urticaria/hives...

The goal of treatment is to make the symptoms tolerable, until they go away, which they do. Methods of therapy include antihistamines Tab Benadryl and topical creams Hydrocortisone cream 1% and sometimes short a short course of oral steroids.

You would need to see your dermatologist for further help if it does not settle with these simple measures...

I hope this answers your question...

Thank you...
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