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I have a small but noticeable hole in my face. it's between

Customer Question

i have a small but noticeable hole in my face. it's between the bottom of my nose and upper lip. it looks like a piercing but is not. i've had it since i was little but have no idea what it is or how i got it. is there anyway i can close it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 7 years ago.
I suspect that this is a small congenital cyst or cleft. These types of problems are usually easily treated by a plastic surgeon. This link will help you find a plastic surgeon in you area.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i just looked up " small congenital cyst or cleft" and that does NOT look like what i'm talking about. my problem is a small hole on my face that looks like a piercing. is there any creams that can close it up or closed it but make it look like a tiny dimple?? btw is every reply costing me??
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 7 years ago.
The congenital lip sinuses (small holes) are much rarer than the other types of congenital deformities that you can find pictures of on the web. I tried to find a image to show you, but was unable to find one on the web.

I still believe that the appropriate treatment would involve treatment by a plastic surgeon. There is no cream etc that would close such a hole.

As for the charge: JustAnswer requires you to place a deposit to view the answers. Your deposit remains in your account until you accept the answer. You are only charged when you accept the answer.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ohh ok yea b/c the ones i saw online were a bit extreme. my face looks normal, nothing wrong with my lips or nose or anything there's just that small "piercing" looking hole! here's a pic sorry if its kind of blurry. hope the link works:

but if u don't mind though... would u be able to explain how people get them/ how it appears? because if you see my baby pictures i didn't have that little hole. i dont even know exactly when it appeared, but for as long as I can remember i've had it =(
Expert:  FamilyPhysician replied 7 years ago.
They are present at birth, although in infants they may be overlooked. Here is a picture of the more common sinus (these are found in front of the ear)
The exact reason that some patients have these is somewhat complicated, but it has to do with the embryology and development of the facial structures during pregnancy.

Unless you have had problems (infection, drainage, bleeding), it is really nothing to worry about. If you are worried or if you want to have it corrected for cosmetic reason, then a plastic surgeon is the appropriate doctor to see.