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My 11 year old daughter has a bright red rash on her cheek

Resolved Question:

My 11 year old daughter has a bright red rash on her cheek that has not responded to a battery of moisturizers, salycic acid products and hydrocortisone creams. It has been 10 days and it appears to be spreading. Always redder in the morning and fades. Rough texture, but no bumps. What could it be?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  m w hanif replied 7 years ago.

Welcome to just answer

Is the rash itchy?
Is it hot and painful?
Are there any bumps in the rash?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Not itchy, hot in the morning but not painful, and no bumps at all - looks almost like abraded skin that isn't broken.
Expert:  m w hanif replied 7 years ago.
From the above information it seems that your daughter has a skin condition known as ROSACEA...

Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial redness.Pimples are sometimes included as part of the definition.Unless it affects the eyes, it is typically a harmless cosmetic condition. Treatment, if wanted, usually involves topical medications to reduce inflammation.

Trigger avoidance can help reduce the onset of rosacea but alone will not normally cause remission for all but mild cases. It is sometimes recommended that a journal be kept to help identify and reduce food and beverage triggers.

Because sunlight is a common trigger, avoiding excessive exposure to sun is widely recommended. Some people with rosacea benefit from daily use of a sunscreen others opt for wearing hats with broad brims.

Oral Tetracycline antibiotics and topical antibiotics such as Metronidazole are usually the first line of defense prescribed by doctors to relieve papules, pustules, inflammation and some redness.Topical Azelaic acid such as Finacea (15%) or Skinoren (20%) may help reduce inflammatory lesions, bumps and papules.

If papules and pustules persist, then sometimes Isottretinoin can be prescribed.

The treatment of flushing and blushing has been attempted by means of the centrally acting α-2 agonist Clonidine, but this is of limited benefit on just this one aspect of the disorder.The same is true of the Beta blockers nadolol and propranolol.

Dermatological vascular laser or Intense pulsed light machines offer one of the best treatments for rosacea, in particular the redness of the skin.

Having given you a background of the disease I would suggest you do visit your dermatologist and discuss the above possibilty with him for further help...
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Expert:  m w hanif replied 7 years ago.
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