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Dr. Frank MD
Dr. Frank MD, Doctor (other than dermatologist)
Category: Dermatology
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Experience:  28 yrs. of caring for skin problems from infants to the aged. From acne to malignacy.
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my skin, especially on my hands smells musty and moldy like

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my skin, especially on my hands smells musty and moldy like a wet dog. i was looking online and could only see one site which suggested mold taking hold inside the body like an internal fungal infection. ive had this for a few years but it seems to be getting worse. hope you can help. regards, ross

It is extremely unlikely that any fungus/yeast or other organism is responsible for this. I do need you to answer a few other questions:

a) Is it just in your hands or do you notice it in other spots?

b) What is you occupation? Do you have any exposure to toxins or other chemicals?

c) Do you take any prescription medications? Are you otherwise healthy?

d) Have you had a complete physical exam lately including laboratory tests?

e) Is there anything that you haven't thought of that might help me? Are your hands chronically moist? And do you persire excessively?

I will get back to you asap.

Dr. Frank MD
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



sorry for the delay in replying - we are in different time zones i think.


its mainly on my fingers, backs of hands, forearm and a bit on the upper arms but havent noticed anywhere else.


my main job is office work but i do work part time, approx 10 hours a week as a butcher.

i would use commercial approved sanitiser and detergent in the butcher.


i am not on any medication, and would consider myself to be in good health otherwise.

i do get a fair bit of athletes foot which i seem to be prone to.


i have not been to the doctors about it, mainly because i dont feel theyd take me seriously.


i dont think i sweat any more than usual. in the butchers my hands would tend to be mosit a lot of the time as i am constantly handling meat, fish, washing equipment and rinsing my hands.


the odor varies throughout the day from not too bad to really very strong, and it doesnt seem to matter how much i wash my hands, it seems to be in my pores and leaches out at various points during the day.


hope this helps

kind regards




i had wonde

Dear Ross,

I have seen this problem on several occasions and it seems to only occur in males. In most cases the patient noticed that they seemed to sweat more than they thought was normal.

However, since you are exposed to raw meats it is also possible that this could be contributory.

I would suggest that when you go to the butchers that you wear special gloves called "cotton dermal gloves". You can purchase these at your local pharmacy or ask your pharmacist for some. Then, over these, wear some latex or rubber gloves to protect your skin.

In addition, I would advise that you try some "Certain Dri" or similar product on your hands just as a trial. This is sometimes behind the pharmacy counter (depending on where you live). It is simply rolled onto the skin and allowed to dry. I would suggest you apply it at least twice a day (especially at bedtime). It may also help to wear some impermeable covers over the arms when you are at the butchers.

Ross, I can't say for sure what the definite cause is. However, we have to start somewhere. You are certainly not the only person I have treated for this particular problem. I hope this helps. Please try it for at least one month and then give me some follow-up. Just request me by name.

Just so you know, I did do a thorough search of the largest medical database available and I could not find any diseases that are associated with your symptoms. Also..."Certain Dri" does go by other names depending on where you live, so you may need to ask your pharmacist for some help.

I really hope this helps. I do take your problem seriously!

Good Luck,

Dr. Frank MD
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for getting back to me Frank.

i am in the uk, any ideas what that medication is called here?


kind regards


Hi Ross,

The active ingredient is Aluminum Chloride at the highest concentration. It is usually 12%.

Another common name is Drysol.

There are some studies using Botox injections, but I'm sure these would be very costly. Also there is a peripheral nerve block that has been tried with some reasonably good results.

Good Luck to you Ross,

Dr. Frank MD
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