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Category: Dermatology
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I have a burning, very itchy arches of my feet. The affected

Customer Question

I have a burning, very itchy arches of my feet. The affected areas are hot, red and blotchy. I have had this for over 20 years. It comes and goes, i get the reaction when camping, beach seems the outdoors can trigger it....wet feet? The reaction will last for days and is almost unbearable pain and sometimes i can hardly walk. Can you help me? I have enough of it, i have accepted it for too long. Thanks. Paul.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  mehrdadhassid replied 7 years ago.

Hi Paul,

I still beleive you are suffering from Athlete's foot. You should continue the treatment for 6 weeks even if the symptoms resolve sooner.

Best wishes

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have had 2 doctors look at this before and confirm that it is not athletes foot, but neither had a solution. One believed it was simply a reaction to a combination of wet and dirt, but that was obvious to me, but it didnt tell me anything. The other had no idea and was surprised by the symtpoms as they did not match athletes foot. This is one of the main reasons it cannot be athletes foot, I DO NOT GET IT WHEN WEARING SHOES, it is when i have bear feet.

Any other suggestions and solutions?

Expert:  mehrdadhassid replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for the info.

Athlete's foot is not related to wearing shoes.

From the symptoms you described earlier I suspect Athlete's foot. Trying the treatment for 6 continuous weeks if not helpful will not be harmful. It is definitely worth a try.

Good Luck


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have tried for athletes foot, its not athletes foot. The symptoms completely dissapear within 3-4 days of starting, without any treatments. Is this information of any value? I really dont accept the conclusion - athletes foot, i would like to, but with two doctors and reading the symptoms and trying the remedies, i have to rule out athletes foot. Thanks
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello? I havent received any updates on my request? Thanks in advance. Paul
Expert:  mehrdadhassid replied 7 years ago.

Please wait for another expert to also give you their opinion.

Good luck

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, Thanks for that. I have been thinking about your replies and wondered, can athletes foot symptoms dissapear within days of appearing, without remedies, and if so, does it lie dormant and react under the circumstances i have given? If so, that would be a fungal infection im guessing? And so if this is the case, are you suggesting the 6 week treatment with a cream for fungal infection/Athletes foot even if the symptoms are not there, so that the fungal infection/bacteria is 'killed'? Thanks. Paul