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Dry spots all over the body

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dry spots all over the body


When you describe dry "spots":

1) Do they look whitish and scaly or just different color?

2) Do you have allergies or history of eczema?

3) How long have you had these?

4) do you have dark, medium, or light complexion?

5) Do they come and go, or change location?

6) Do they itch?

7) Are they so white they hae lost color on the skin, or only dry looking?

8) Where are thesespots? Any particular location, or all over?

If you could answer these I can give you a more helpful answer.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i had these last year exact same time of the year, october bot only on my legs and dissapeard after a few months alone , no treatment.

this year again but more ,also arms and waist.

are litlle round spots dry ,at first reddish as if skin is gone ,then dry and white and then the skin goes off it.leave a white discolored spot at last.

no itching .thought was liver and take also milk thistle now ,forgot to mention this.

i dont have other then sun allergy when i was younger but dissapeared 15 years ago, never again.

this is only the second time.

just before i had a mud detox therapy at the beautician , maybe an ingredient as essential oils??


A few things cause spots like this-

1) Allergic skin or eczema or dry skin

2) A fungal infection but this is most prominent in hot weather months

3) Frank allergy- some internal allergy showing up on skin

If you had these last year, what was done and how did it go away?

Did you have a mud treatment this time last year?

Look at these pictures, tell me if they look like the problem, ok?

Nummular eczema:

Tinea versicolor:

Pityriasis Alba:

these are most common white spots---

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the pytiriasis is the closest to it but i have it much much less and smaller...

yes last year same period i had also this detox wich made me think its connected to it.

i did nothing because the beatician said she also had this kind of allergy and when kept dry it leaves on his own...wich it did?

but i want to know the caurse now because its back since end october and more then last year , when i had it only on the outside of my legs.

i also thought about allergy to washing liquid because i started to wear my black gym trousers that period and i wash with this product to keep black clothes black ?


Usually pityraisis is 5mm or so in size-

We don't know why it happens, but moissturizers make it better.

It does become more prominent in the sun because the rest of the skin around it darkens.

The patch does not darken. It starts red an sort of raised- then becomes whitish and raised, and then ends up flat and whitsh.


If it is an eczematoid reaction to the mud, topical hydrocortisone cream 1% will help it resolve with moisture topically as well.

Eliminate the detergent if it is a possible offender.

The best moisturizer is called Lachydrin 12% which they sell at pharmacies without prescription.

I recommend-

1) 1% hydrocortisone twice a day

2) Lachydrin which you can apply very liberally 2 times a day after the hydrocortisone.

3) If the lesions do not improve, the possibility then is it is a tinea, or fungus.

4) At that point, Selenium sulfide 2.5% shampoo can be used on the body skin/scalp to

wash with, and thus help eliminate fungus...but you need a prescription for this.

But I am still going with the Pityriasis and use the Otc skin treatments (MUD).

I hope this was helpful=

Feel free to ask anythng else you need.

Good luck, and be well.

My very best--

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