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Dr Bhumika
Dr Bhumika, Allergy specialist
Category: Dermatology
Satisfied Customers: 3197
Experience:  6 years of experience as a family physician, general practioner; MD -Chest Diseases; Allergy, Asthma
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I have dry scaly skin on my knuckles how do i get rid of this

Resolved Question:

I have dry scally skin on my knuckles (all of them), that gets worse after I wash my hands. I wash my hands frequently at work. I use lotion by the gallon with only temporary relief, mostly coco butter does the best. My skin does not itch, the only time there is any redness is when I apply any type of lotion -this redness is only temporary. My left elbow, and my right knee seems to have the same dryness problem. I have red blotchy spots on the skin of my left calf. This does not hurt either. I have had these issues for at least three years. I have been to regular doctors but have never been told what it is that is causing this. Only guesses. I have tried antifungal creams, and hydrocortizones, and a psoriasis medicine - coal tar OTC 1.25% (recently) I have know insurance and not much money so I have not been to see a dermatoligist. I have never had a scrape done or anything of that nature. I looked at my skin under a black light once but did not see any changes. I am 34 years old. NOP
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dermatology
Expert:  Dr Bhumika replied 8 years ago.

Apart from Vitamin A and E deficiencies, this may be a case of psoriasis. This is a disease which leads to development of scaly patches on the elbow, knuckles, knees etc.

The diagnosis is by exam and biopsy and the treatment includes the psoriasis medicine that you are applying as well as oral medicine.

I would suggest that you can give vitamin A and E capsules a try along with use of aloe vera and olive oil. If that dont help, oral medicine might be the next possible step in treatment.

Hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any further queries.

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