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Should I just go to the dentist when the new crown comes in

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JA: I'm so happy you had a good experience with Sean C! Do you have any follow-up questions or would you like a second opinion? It's included!
Customer: Yes. Should I just go to the dentist when the new crown comes in and let him put it on? Does the infection need to be cleaned out first? If so, how?
JA: Let me get you an Expert to help with that. Before I do, are there any other details you'd like me to pass on?
Customer: when the original crown was placed the pain persisted right from the start even though the tooth had been given a root canal. This last week when the crown was removed it was obvious that a cavity had been progressing for a long time. Also the assistant said that he filled the cavity with a silver filling. Wasn’t it just amalgam? Or a composite. What’s the difference? I’ve never heard of a filling been done with real silver. Was that said just to make me feel good since silver has natural antibiotic properties.


I read your first question that you asked March 23rd.

I agree with what you were told!

I assume that the old root canal itself checked out ok! :)

Then the discomfort would be from the gums around the tooth, not the decay, and as long as that has been addressed you can have the new crown placed. So if you are symptom free now then you are ok to go ahead.

When the assistant mentioned silver she did mean an amalgam filling. You cannot use just silver! Most dental offices call an amalgam filling a silver filling. That is quite common.

Does this answer your question?

Customer: replied 14 days ago.
So when I go in, what does he need to do to address the infection? Local shot of antibiotics? I’m just afraid that the new crown will just cover up and a few years, months from now I’ll have the same problem as before which caused such a massive cavity under the crown.

The infection will clear up on its own if the area has been properly debrided And if the margins of the new crown fit properly and are well sealed. Then it is up to you to maintain the gums going forward with regular proper brushing, flossing and using a Waterpik every day as well.

If you had pain from the beginning with the last crown after the root canal then it was not well made and should have been redone. But that is in the past and hopelfully now the new crown will be made correctly and proper home care should be able to maintain everything for years to come. Just be sure you are symptom free when the new crown is checked before it is permanently cemented. Also be sure that the bite is adjusted properly and that you are not banging on it when you close.


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Customer: replied 14 days ago.

Food and debris tend to stick to restorations more so than natural teeth which is why they require greater care.

The Waterpik will remove any debris and it should be used last before you go to bed. Any foods or debris left in your mouth overnight will ferment and cause both decay and gum problems like you just had.



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