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Lara Coseo
Lara Coseo, Dentist (DDS or equivalent)
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Dr. Coseo, I had a dental implant placed on tooth #7 because

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Dr. Coseo,
I had a dental implant placed on tooth #7 because of a root resorption (tooth turned pink) that I think was caused from an elbow to the mouth a few years back when I was playing basketball. I'm concerned about tooth #8 and #6 having root resorption because they might have been impacted too (not sure). Should I be worried about tooth #8 and #6 also developing root resorption? Anything I can do to make sure it don't happen and what to watch for? Do tooth #8 and #6 look good in the picture?

Good evening! That is a great picture, and I do not see any signs of concern on either tooth number 8426 number six. Unfortunately there is no way to know whether or not these two teeth will also suffer any long-term consequences of the injury to this area. In order to monitor tihem very closely, you should make sure your dentist is taking an x-ray called a PA at least once every year. This x-ray enables them to see the entire tea of each root. This is not something that is routinely done, and you may have to request it.

Does that answer your question?


Dr. Lara

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
How many years after trauma is the average time root resorption might show up?

I don't know an actual number because it can literally be all across the board. In some people, root resorption happens very quickly after a traumatic injury. And in others, it can be decades before a problem arises. There is no accurate predictor for it, as far as I know.

The only preventive thing I would recommend is a nightguard to prevent any additional trauma to those teeth from clenching or grinding your teeth. Has your dentist ever recommended a nightguard?

Dr. Lara

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I have one

Okay! That's great! That will be the best protection against what we call "microtrauma" (trauma that happens in very small increments over a long period of time).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Dr. Lara