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Dr. Josh
Dr. Josh, Dentist (DDS or equivalent)
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident
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I was wondering if I have a dry socket

Customer Question

Hi, I was wondering if I have a dry socket
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Josh replied 1 month ago.

Hello. I am Dr Josh and I am happy to try and assist you. Can you please tell me more about your symptoms and when you had your surgery. Specifically I would want to know about new or worsening pain, fevers, new swelling that is suddenly getting worse, pain rating (1/10), what you are taking for pain medications, any health problems you have, foul smells in your mouth. Thanks,

Dr. Josh

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I had my tooth pulled Wednesday (2 days ago), I needed it pulled because I had a failed root canal... in a X-ray it showed one of my roots was fractured. I am 3 months pregnant so I can only take Tylenol. I am also on amoxicillin, I started taking it the day they extracted my tooth. I have a history of tooth problems, but this is my first extraction.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
No fever, just a constant throbbing pain. I would say it's a 6/10, I attached a picture!
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
My tooth wasn't swollen before it was pulled. All swelling is new
Expert:  Dr. Josh replied 1 month ago.

Thank you for the picture and information, it is very helpful! The good news is you don't have a dry socket! The dark material inside the extraction site is clot and that is normal. The material will slowly change to a yellowish red material called granulation tissue and within a few weeks you'll have nice pink gums growing over the tissue. It looks like the site was closed with a black silk suture. That will likely have to be removed in a week or so. I'm guessing you have a follow-up appointment for that. From what I can see and your description, you're having normal pain after the procedure! I understand your concern being pregnant and wanting the best for you baby! I do too! Tylenol is perfectly safe during pregnancy and if you can manage with just Tylenol that would be ideal. Prescription pain killers are also safe during pregnancy, but if you don't need them, best to stay away. Any other questions or concerns I can help with? I wish you a speedy recovery and a healthy baby!


Dr Josh

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Oh phew!!! Thank you so so much for answering, I'm feeling better already! You answered all my questions ! I appreciate it, have a wonderful day!!
Expert:  Dr. Josh replied 1 month ago.

You as well. If anything else comes up, please feel free to ask. Thank you!

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