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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
Satisfied Customers: 5762
Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA, American Academy of Oral Medicine
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Customer Question

Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 5 months ago.

May I help you with a question on Just Answer?

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I am using a free trial membership. Will i be paid for this 2nd question? And the question is ive been recently having weird mouth symptoms. I think my wisdom tooth is coming in and causing periodonitis behind the molar. There appears to be like a crater forming behind it or something. My tonsils also look red and the back base if my tongue is very white. Upon further inspection, i noticed that the tonsils deep on the inside of the mouth look abnormal. I think i can see a yellowish white zit looking formation and my throat itself also looks weird like veiny, dry and discolored. It looks bumpy on the insode of the tonsil area. Idk if this is the tonsils themselves or its a growth which severely worries me. For the last 2 weeks now, ive had a clog in my throat that seems to go off and on during the day for hours which has me constantly clearing my throat. Sometimes when i clear my throat, a bit of this white mucus type substance comes up. It also appears that the top palette of my mouth is white like its not normal. Sometimes when waking up in the morning, i pull out these stringy white globs from my mouth too and sput up yellowish mucus. My gums have also been a bit more irritated lately as well. All these symptoms are severely worrying and stressing me out and answers would be appreciated. I hope its just all in my head but I hope its not cancer related.
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 5 months ago.

Well while I don't think you have any cancer problem, what I would HIGHLY reccoment is to get an immediate appointment with the Dentist of your choice - asap. Why? You've actually got too much going on for me to cover, and especially so without having a tangible visual ability to do an exam. So, I'm going to opt out, please DO call & make an appointment for a Dentist asap - OK! And remember, this too will almosy assuredly pass.