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Have a bump on my tongue that comes and goes every few

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Have a bump on my tongue that comes and goes every few months it stays for a week or two then goes away. It's never really painful but just kind of an annoyance, it will has a small whitish yellowish head to it as well. It always seems to come back in the same place on the side of my tongue. There is a very small indention there ad I'd bitten my tongue there in the past so a small piece of tissue has been missing. Went to my dentist and an oral surgeon and they pretty much said if it comes and goes it's nothing to worry about and that I looked fine but didn't say exactly what it was. I use tobacco pouches about twice a day and drink two to three times a week. Just looking for a second opinion.looks like a canker sore without the pain.

Can you submit a picture of the bump/lesion?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
also the cracked lop is just from being chapped.thanks

alright, one moment as I look into the images.

Has it always been this size, or is it ever larger ?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
The only time it has seemed larger was when I tried to pick at it making the entire area kind of rough but I think that was due to the irritation. It might only be a bit larger on occasion but then disappears completely and is come for a few months. Seems to come back if I get stressed

Well first to clarify why your dentist and oral surgeon aren't telling you what it is, is because most oral lesions can only be truly diagnosed with a biopsy. So if they aren't concerned about it, the last thing they want to do is concern you with confusing words of differential diagnosis and biopsy (the word) always seems to worry people. So it being on the lateral border of your tongue, and the coloration that I see would likely be a hyperkeratotic lesion. Basically a taste bud with a callous. The lateral border of the tongue comes into the bite line often and can get a fibrous tissue consistency especially if landing on a papilla (taste bud). If this area was to continue to get more firm in texture and you were routinely injuring it, it would be best just to have the area lasered/removed. It appears very superficial and has no concerning red and white combination colors which is good when determining lesion origin. I would do your best not to bite the area because it will keep returning and more noticeable the more you do it. Does that make sense and answer your question?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** to be clear because I am definitely a hypochondriac it doesn't seem suspicious whatsoever? Just trying to put my mind at ease

Nope it doesn't seem suspicious. It's good to be aware of your oral tissues, so continue to self-monitor and ask for follow-up about it with your dentist at your regular check-ups.

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