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My 12-year-old daughter has braces to correct a canine tooth

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My 12-year-old daughter has braces to correct a canine tooth that did not descend properly, and some malocclusion. She first wore a RPE for a couple months, then braces were added. Overall the procedure has been a success, and after 18 months (of a 24 month treatment plan) her teeth are fitting together much better. Her mother recently moved my daughter out of state, and now Mom claims that she cannot find an orthodontist to complete the treatment that was already 3/4 done. Mom says dentists have advised that the treatment needs to start over, and that whatever type of band my daughter has on her teeth cannot be serviced in her new town. Local providers want to remove and replace the bands, but Mom thinks she found a provider who can work with the bands my daughter is wearing now. Mom is asking me to pay to complete the new treatment, which is now estimated to cost as much as the 3/4 of treatment I've already paid for What is going on with a new orthodontist and the existing braces? Why can't the existing braces be serviced by a different orthodontist?

There should be no reason that the existing brackets can't be used to complete the treatment. It is just a matter of placing a new wire and making adjustments as needed to guide the teeth into a proper position.The fees are a different issue.An honest orthodontist should be able to calculate how much more time is needed and how often that she needs to be seen to complete the treatment.Without seeing the case,I cannot comment on the complexity but any orthodontist should be able to continue the case. There should be no reason to have to place new brackets.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
one last detail, how many different manufacturers are there for metallic braces and bands. Seems like there would be some standardization in the dental industry and that we could find a specialist that uses whatever brand/style of bands are on my daughter's teeth. thanks that is my last issue

I cannot tell you how many manufacturers there are but I will tell you that the functional part of the braces are just a wire. The brackets just hold the wire in place.The wires are not expensive and either are the brackets. All brackets just have some sort of a loop to hold the wire.

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