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I have been an EFDA since 1998, CDA since 1995. While

Customer Question

Hi, I have been an EFDA since 1998, CDA since 1995. While working in all facets of dentistry I got my SPA (Surgical Physicians Assistant). To work hand in hand with my favorite specialty of all. He had 4 degrees. DDS, Periodontist, then he went back and finished the combo MD and Oral & head Kneck reconstructive, Plastics Maxillofacial with emphasis on rebuilding burn victims, car accident, military, cleft palate and lip, dog or any animal attacks, crush injuries.
So now you know I speak "dental" lol :)
I was out of the blue woke up one morning and one of my legs was numb back in 2004. I was athletic I coached 8 the grade basketball, my husband and I played tennis, I played softball, I was in shape. So skipping forward I was diagnosed.... Which took forever with RRMS... Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. It hit me hard in the beginning. I worked until 2006, then filed for Disability. I worked a little part time a day here or there but it broke my heart to leave dentistry it was so rewarding.
Ok so sorry I really do have a question. 1 I am on a lot of meds which normally cause dry mouth , I knew that came with the territory. Right now over the last say 3 weeks or so I have been going crazy because I have had this constant it's like do you remember those breathe strips you would put on your tongue and they would dissolve? But if you did not wait long enough they would stick to the back of your front teeth like plastic?
Ok I have that going on. Every time I pull one away there are what seems like a million more after that. So I have an empty water bottle to spit this into. It seems to be on the top saddled over the gum line over or should I say under my 4 unit Procera bridge, and my mandible Canine to Canine, Virgin teeth. It's like peeling shopping bags off the big stack at the store. It's funny though the only thing that makes this stuff melt it; say something carbonated like I have La Croux Sparking water. No Sugar, Salt, or additives. But the if you don't hurry it just acts like a quick catalyst and just gets gooey and sticky and will harden if you don't spit out what you can.
I'm besides myself please help. Oh brushing does not take it off and using scalers only helps to remove a few layers if your using a carbonated product or listerine.
Please HELP.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. G replied 8 months ago.

Hi I think there is a good chance you have an erosive condition such as lichen planus. What you describe above is mucosal sloughing. I suggest you get an examination in person for potential biopsy and likely will be started on topical corticosteroids.

Expert:  Dr. G replied 8 months ago.

Another possibility is lichenoid drug reaction to things such as whiteners or whitening toothpaste/cinnamon or strong mint

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Um no, I know exactly what that is and it's not coming from my tissue it's laying on my tissue. I am not paying for this answer since I gave you the worlds biggest history. Maybe you should have asked what meds I was on ect.
Expert:  Dr. G replied 8 months ago.

ok i'm opting out. hopefully you can have someone else provide an answer

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