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Can't sleep due to horrible periodic stabbing pains in

Customer Question

Can't sleep due to horrible periodic stabbing pains in cavity's - I don't have insurance, but I do have a bottle of azithromycin 500mg (still fresh til next year) - will this at least help with infection/pain til I can go to dentist??
JA: How long have you had the pain? What seems to make the pain better or worse?
Customer: I've had tooth problems for 2 years now - ibuprfren dosen't touch the pain at all, i usually have to ride it's only here and there though - can go long periods without pain, but it's bad right now - couldnt sleep at all last night, and I need at least something/remedy or treatment to keep pain at bay..I've got to be able to sleep to work, etc..kinda of scared and don't know what to do
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. G replied 8 months ago.

Hi. Assuming you are not experiencing any swelling or fever your best option would be to apply eugenol from "red cross toothache kit" to the individual tooth or teeth that are bothering you - can be found in your local drug stores. I am concerned with the sudden increase in pain your are experiencing. This can indicate the start of a serious infection.

Azithromycin does offer some coverage against oral bacteria but it is not the best option. The best option, of course, is to be seen asap by an dentist and evaluated with a full treatment plan. Many offer payment plans if finances are an issue. If you have any swelling develop or fever or pain worsens further you will need to proceed to you local ER asap for IV antibiotics and possible extraction of the source tooth or teeth. Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.

Expert:  Dr. G replied 8 months ago.

Also may I ask if you have any existing medical conditions such as diabetes or immunologically compromising medications (steroids, rheumatoid arthritis meds, etc)? This can cause infection to spread rapidly and woudl necessitate immediate treatment.

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