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Drew Moore DDS MS
Drew Moore DDS MS,
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Periodontist at E Drew Moore, DDS, MS
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I am having concerns and upset. I have had many issues due

Customer Question

I am having concerns and upset. I have had many issues due to past eating disorders. This new dentist said he would "try" a different approach that might work, so I signed a permission slip saying he could try. His first method was not an option. So we opted to just replace old cavities. Then he said he could "protect" what I had left of my front 6 teeth and close the gap by using composite. It was 5 hours, but great. A week later I went in for a retainer...when he sanded everything smooth in the back, therefore destryoing my comfortable bite and creating extreme pain and sensitivity and metal taste. He said he couldnt put back what he took question is why cant he? He seems annoyed at me like Im high maintenance but he the one who wanted to try and now he doesnt want to be bothered and sent me home in pain...AGAIN. Is there any good reason you could give me that he cant fix this or does he just want to avoid having to repeat the work that he performed, did great...then destroyed?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Drew Moore DDS MS replied 8 months ago.
Hi, I am Dr. Drew Moore and I hope to answer your questions. Normally, when new fillings are done, the bite is adjusted to make sure they are hitting correctly and that teeth don't have "interferences" when your jaw moves in function. If your bite felt good, before the adjustments, I'm not sure why he didn't stop adjusting at a point that you felt comfortable. There are dentists who can do "additive" dentistry. But, this is a new concept and there are not that many. I do not do this, but some of my friends and colleagues do. They start by reseating a patient's joints with a special retainer. After the joints are seated, then models are made and composite is added in areas, rather than the normal smoothing away. This treatment is an investment, but you will be happy with how you feel and you'll look different, as well. Does this sound like something you'd be willing to look into?
Expert:  Drew Moore DDS MS replied 8 months ago.
As a periodontist, I rarely get to work with these additive dentists, because they don't need me to do crown lengthening, since they are going to make a crown go farther up into the gums, they are going to open the bite, after proper joint seating, and then add material. This should be taught in dental schools, but it would mean schools would have to make some serious changes. There is still a place for normal crown and bridge dentistry, for certain. But, people like you, with pain, probably need this kind of treatment.
Expert:  Drew Moore DDS MS replied 8 months ago.

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