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Dr. Hegland
Dr. Hegland, Dentist
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I have gaps in my teeth what can I do to fix these what

Customer Question

I have gaps in my teeth what can I do to fix these what causes these the dentist didn't say anything about them but they are starting to bug me is there anything I can do to fix them
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

Before discussing potential options, could you provide me with where these gaps are? Are they up front, in back, bottom, top. Have you always had the gaps/spaces or did this progressively get worse? Lastly is there anyway that you could provide a picture of the area so I could give you a better answer

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
It won't let me upload the pictures I tried there some on the bottom and one in between my two front teeth it looks sorta discolored and some on top to
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Oh I guess it did upload them
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
This is the one between two front teeth
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

Ok just give me a moment to review these and then I'll give you some guidance.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
That's me bitting down on teeth
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
OK as far as if they have got worse I'm not sure cause I never really paid that much attention but I will say this the space in my two front teeth was not there before so could that be a cavity or no
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

So a couple things I notice. Aside from your main concern, it does appear that between your 2 upper front teeth there is some decay. So you will want to go to a dentist to get that treated. As far as the gaps there are a couple ways that could help you achieve the smile that you want. One things would be Invisalign or braces. Since you have spaces, the clear trays (Invisalign) could bring your teeth into a better alignment to close some of the space. I also noticed that when you bite you do have some discrepancy in general in your bite so to remedy that you would need traditional braces. But if the look of your smile is more critical that the overall appropriate bite (and you don't have problems with pain with chewing or eating currently) than Invisalign would be just fine for you. You do have small teeth size in regards ***** ***** dimension (width and length of your laterals, canines, and premolars). So to make a little bit more toothy, big smile a dentist would utilize white composite filling material to contour your teeth to how you want them. Not just filling the gaps, but giving your teeth a smile that is how you want the shape of them as well. This is basically like getting a veneer, but its directly made onto your teeth by the dentist. Another final and more expensive option would be to have porclain veneers made. This is basically the Hollywood smile. It's expensive because you would have so many teeth to veneer, but is fairly quick at getting the result you may be looking for.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
in so many words I could have been born with them this way and as far as the decay on the top teeth in between could that be a cavity in between them well I have 5 I need extracted 4 wisdom but no pain when I chew or no pain so would the composite fix the gaps in between cause I can't afford braces or the veneers
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
What's the discrepancy mean
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

Yes you are likely born and have developed this alignment/bite/with the spaces. The composite by itself will certainly fix the gaps. And the discrepancy: dentists have different classifications for bite, and yours doesn't fall into the ideal classification you have end-to-end biting and crossbites (so that's the discrepancy from ideal is all).

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
is the discrepancy a bad thing also how much does the composite expensive and what about the gap in front teeth is that could be a cavity
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

Its only a bad thing if it bothers you for chewing. It can also make it more complicated to put composite on the teeth how the dentist may want to because your bite may not allow it. However the only way to change the discrepancy in your bite is some type of ortho (braces). Composite prices vary from provider to provider and it also depends on how many surfaces the dentist is applying it too. It could be anywhere from 200-400 per tooth. And yes I mentioned it appears you have a cavity in the front teeth so that would need to be filled, need an xray first to see how big/deep cavity is.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
OK I'm sorry I missed that part about the front tooth I have a cleaning appointment on November 14 and I'm going to call and make a appointment to have them fill the front teeth cause that's what's bugging me the most I don't like the spaces but there isint a lot I can do about it right now thanks so much for helping me
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 11 months ago.

No problem, take care and hopefully you can make a plan with your dentist to work towards the gap fixing in the future!