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Can you tell me the difference between a custom abutment and

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HI! Can you tell me the difference between a custom abutment and a interim abutment when doing a dental implant? Which is better in the long term for the health of the gum and the life of the implant? Is a custom abutment necessary! Thank you.

Well each restoring dentist has a little different mindset on utilization of custom abutments vs stock abutment. That preference often comes from experience, in regards ***** ***** many implants they've restored and how the outcomes have turned out. In general, in the anterior (front teeth) I would always recommend a custom abutment. That area is in the esthetic zone and the gingiva needs to follow the proper contours of the tooth that abutment is replacing and match the often differing heights and alignment of the neighboring teeth. Some individuals that have a large smile may even prefer to have a custom abutment for the premolar region because of the contours/alignment of the neighboring dentition. In the posterior (molar region) a stock abutment is just fine. There is less esthetic concern, the gingiva still will follow the contours of the abutment, and they look like any other crowned tooth in your mouth. Interim abutments are usually for healing. This will allow the gum tissue to heal in the correct dimensions so that you don't end up with an implant crown that looks extra wide or long tooth in order to restore it to the matching gingival placement. Does that make sense?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you.... to clarify.... if we go with the stock abutment it will serve it purpose in the back upper molar region as well as and for as long as a custom abutment. This tooth being replaced is in the upper back molar region of the teeth.

Correct, it is a permanent long lasting abutment (the stock). Durability wise there is no difference between the stock and the custom. Typically with the molar abutments its best to go with titanium or gold, I wouldn't recommend a zirconia abutment. You would have to ask your dentist about what he/she would be ordering in regards ***** ***** The zirconia abutment is the only one I've ever witness fail (fracture).

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thank you so much!

Yes, no problem. If you need anything further just ask otherwise feel free to provide rating so I can close the conversation. Thanks.

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