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I had molar 19 extracted about 6 weeks ago, after two failed

Customer Question

I had molar 19 extracted about 6 weeks ago, after two failed root canals (over the course of several years). The dentist found an abscess at the root tip on the x-Ray and said that the tooth was also cracked. He could not save the tooth and sent me to an implant specialist. The extraction took place 6 weeks ago, and a bone graft was done immediately after the tooth was extracted. I was placed on Amoxocillcin for a couple days prior to the extraction, and finished the course as directed. I was also given a chlorhexadine rinse to use, as well as warm salt water rinses. A week after the extraction, I developed a horrible taste in my mouth, and a low grade fever. The specialist removed the sutures, and said that it was food trapped under the sutures. The smell and taste went away, but the gum never closed. On follow up exam a week later, the specialist said that he would have liked to see it healed more, and said he needed to go in again, to "rough up the graft area". He opend it up again, did whatever he did, and sutured it back up. It's now 3 weeks since that second procedure, and I still have a dull ache in the socket, the gum is still wide open, and I have a bad taste again in my mouth. Almost like a metallic, blood type taste. I asked for x-rays last time, and he said nothing was of concern on the x-Ray. I strongly feel that something is wrong. It's not normal that the gum has not closed at all, I can see particles of the bone graft, the dull ache continues, and now the bad taste again. Please advice what I should do at this point. I would like for him to take care of this once and for all. I will NOT be getting an implant after all this either. No way. Is there a cat scan I can ask for or a different imaging modality?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 1 year ago.


Thanks for putting up your question on Just Answer.

Yes, the imaging modality of choice in your case is a CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scan. This can be done just for a small area ( a single tooth). It gives much more information than a normal X ray and will show up any infection, graft failure etc.

You can show those CBCT images to another Dentist/ Oral surgeon/Prosthodontist for a second opinion, or even post them here for my opinion.

Hope this answers your question. Please leave a positive rating for me if this answer has helped you. I do not get credit for it otherwise.

Good Luck !

Dr. Behere

Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 1 year ago.

Hi Jennifer,

Im just following up ! Did my answer help? If yes, please leave a positive rating for me. I do not get credit for it otherwise !

If you have any further question, do write back!

Dr. Behere