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I had my upper teeth pulled to have Dentures installed. Now

Customer Question

I had my upper teeth pulled to have Dentures installed. Now I can draw air through my front teeth and push it out where my back teeth were and I am in pain. At times a lot my bleeding was for 3 days and I actually was bleeding out out of my nose.Felt like I was gagging on blood.. did they go into my sinus cavity. Could it be when tools were slipping he may have gone through or the roots of my teeth were up through. thinking the ladder because,there's so many spots in that area that this happens?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 11 months ago.

There indeed would be many areas where your upper teeth roots would leave a voided out area once the extractions have been done. That makes sense. The good news is in 6 weeks or so that entire area will look quite smoothed out and gums will have healed as well, and all will look normal & healed.

I am so sorry about the pain! I do hope your Dentist prescribed a pain medication. This would be temporary, to get you through the first wee or two of pain, as needed. So, when/if you run low on such, do call your Dentist for a refill. And sadly, the pain process is real. Unfortunately it's a Mother nature thing that none of us can control. Hence the pain medication need. Just don't take too much of them - OK?

Bleeding, somewhat anyways, at this stage of things is not unusual. It is undesirable, but does happen. The bleeding from day to day however should be improving! It's slow, sorry. But please DO hang in ther, as it should subside and certainly will do so with time...

It sounds like you got an Immediate Denture. And, in about 8 weeks, it will be needing a reline to fit better, once you've both healed, but also are feeling better!


Again, I'm so sorry about your pain. It's tough to hear "hang in there" and take pain meds as needed. But, in truth, that is about all one can do. So, please do try to endure. The very best news I can give you is: This too will pass, I promise!

I hope you get better, and quickly.

Dr. Rampton

*PS: If you should have any further concerns/questions, please do not hesitate to ask - OK?