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Due to acid reflux disease, I have lost all my teeth except

Customer Question

Due to acid reflux disease, I have lost all my teeth except two on the upper left jaw. Before the actual breakage, the teeth started chipping due to loss of enameland then the breakage started ( root tipsare stillin my gums
QUESTION: Is it possible for me to be fitted for upper & lower temporary teeth without havin the surgery to remove the root tips? I had a CVA eight years ago with left-sided weakness, I also have sn srtificial aorta heart valve, high blood pressure and diabetes
What is the safest thing to do?
Please HELP,
lillye D. Rubin
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 1 year ago.

In order for you to have even an upper temporary denture you would have to have the surgery to remove the teeth in the upper left. So it would make sense to have only one surgery and have the 2 teeth and the root tips all removed at one time. You do have a few medical history factors that make the removal of teeth more challenging. The artificial valve requires antibiotic prophylaxis and I'm assuming you are on Warfarin or some other blood thinning that will require accurate INR levels before proceeding. The diabetes and the artificial valve would be risk factors in favor of removing the remaining teeth to avoid septicemia and potential infective endocarditis.

Expert:  Dr. Hegland replied 1 year ago.

I should also let you know that wearing a denture with those conditions are going to be more challenging due to tissue dryness and rubbing on a removable appliance. So you may need implants to restore your function more adequately. Does this make sense?