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Dental Hygienists don't make house calls negative behaviour

Customer Question

Dental Hygienists don't make house calls negative behaviour symptoms gone after dental cleaning. There was 50% cognitive improvement 3 hours after my mom got a dental cleaning. I have read that there is a correlation between mood, behaviour, confusion and the body bacteria burden. But the gum can't reattach itself if I can't keep the food debri out of my moms gum line and need a water pic. Which is the best type or model of water pic for people with cognitive difficulties. I know the risk of choking on water from using this unit is not worth the risk of using one... How else to provide daily hygiene when the elderly or people with mental disabilities and gum pockets can't run to the dentist for a cleaning once a week? Most mouth washes destroy saliva PH so that is not an option anymore. Please advise. There are no dental hygienists that make house calls either which is too bad. I have mom brush her teeth with a childs brush and then i try to use various tooth brushes including ionic or others and also floss her teeth but i can feel that this does NOT get deep under the gum line. She rinses but i can still get stuff out if I go back with the flosser stick it could get stressful so we only do a little so to NOT make it a chore she will want to avoid... So i am hoping for direction. The aids say there is no option except frequent dental visits. .
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Kevin Mitchell replied 11 months ago.

My suggestion would be Biotene for mouth rinses, as it has a neutral pH that will protect gum tissues. I would also encourage chewing sugar free gum, if it is tolerated well. This will keep salivary flow higher and contribute to breaking down plaque accumulation. I find softer diet are the main culprit here, as the food tends to attach more readily to the enamel and root structures and exacerbate the gingivitis. I have treated homebound patients in the past and this is the best option, visiting every three months. However, it sounds like this is not a possibility for you. Hope this information provides you with some guidance.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you...! Is it true that dental Hygienists don;t do house calls? Also, She chewed gum but swallowed it...
Not sure if my mom has Gastroparesis but it seems that digestion is horrible for most elderly requiring all sorts of gimmicks to help them digest and have a BM.... So i am dealing with that as well... Would the gum cause some sort of GI issue if swallowed?
And do Pea Vegetarian based protein balanced smoothie nutritional drinks fall under foods that might be sticky? I think yes even though i ad 8 oz or more of water.... It seems to stick to the cup and glasses that I use. I assume it sticks under the gums as well unless a person rinses vigorously afterwards...Even then.... SO a water pic is just a choking hazard correct unless the person can localise the tip of the irrigator to stay clear of the throat....and the elderly person has to have some cognition NOT to swallow or keep their tongue to block the passage...
Expert:  Kevin Mitchell replied 11 months ago.

I don't personally know any hygienists that make house calls but you could send requests to your local dental community and see if someone would be available to assist your Mom. I recommend a daily dose of prunes as it helps my Mother-in-law with her regularity. Gum should not affect the GI issue at all. Any smoothie drinks would probably considered sticky, especially if you notice material clinging to glasses or cups. That would mimic what happens on the surfaces of her teeth. I would still try the Water Pic but keep the tip in her cheeks to avoid any gag reflex. It would service your Mom the best.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
34;keep the tip in her cheeks to avoid any gag reflex."