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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA
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I recently visited a new dentist, initial cleaning which was

Customer Question

I recently visited a new dentist, for an initial cleaning which was not done. Bite wing x-rays (5) by the hygienist and measurements were taken by the her
for periodontal disease. The data for gum mapping indicated a couple of 4's, 1 5 but mostly 3's 2's and 1's. The reason given by the hygienist was lack of time. I felt
a prohylactic cleaning would be best since it cleans the gums of bacteria(this hasn't been done in a about 2 years). I did put in the initial concerns on the paperwork
for gum disease. When the dentist came in he did an oral exam and used a refrigant to test for nerve damage to a second molar. I felt no sensation which he recommended root canal. He wrote out a script for penicillin VK for 500 milligrams 2X daily for 40 days. This antibiotic would be stopped 5 days before the root
canal. Usually you take antibiotics for 2 weeks. I felt he overpresribed the antibiotics. Is this good procedures by the hygienist or new dentist. My previous dentist indicated to see a periodontist for scaling and root planning. However I found a therapeutic solution called
Ora Wellness that contains essential oils proven to reduce gum disease to normal levels after a few months.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

penicillin for 40 days is a bit long.

recently, most dentist are prescribing shorter courses of antibiotics.

this is a good article to read.

you can try the Ora Wellness

but if the nerve or pulp of the tooth is dead and not feeling cold, then that tooth could be dead and could fester serious infection if it is not removed.

the OraWellness may not be enough to fix your dental infection and cavities and dead nerve in the tooth.