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I got a cavity filled about a week ago. My bite feels

Customer Question

I got a cavity filled about a week ago. My bite feels normal. However, I am having pain in between the tooth I got work done on and the next tooth. My gum area is tender. I have been flossing the area to keep it clean, but that is causing more tenderness. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 1 year ago.
Often a filling is done that is done which actually is done not just on the biting surface, but in between the teeth as well, simultaneously, and as such is often called a do, or mo, of mil or dilf, etc. What the "d" and the "m" really mean is distal or mesial. And distal and mesial mean filling work done in between two teeth. So what am I saying? You may want to check what kind of filling your Dentist did. If the filling had a D or M in the description of the surfaces filled - then it often is somewhat more slower to fully heal, and does tend to leave one's gums more tender. It still should heal up though... But it's just a bit slower to fully heal. I highly suspect, if you had one of these fillings, that it could well be causing your tenderness & soreness to the tooth and/or adjacent tooth.But if this is the case, I'd not be too concerned, as it should subside. If it doesn't within a week or so more - I'd then perhaps have your Dentist take a second look at the filling. I hope this helps you, and please feel free to ask additional questions should you have further concerns - OK? Dr. Rampton
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Just Dental Truths! replied 1 year ago.
Oh, you are very welcome! I hope you are perhaps beginning to feel a bit better.Please "DO" rate my answer, if you would please - thx...*NOTE: If you have any additional concerns please don't hesitate to ask.

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