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Stewart Shernan
Stewart Shernan,
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I had root canal redone for $1200 and I still had pain in

Customer Question

I had root canal redone for $1200 and I still had pain in tooth. I went to another dentist and they diagnosed me with gingivitis. The endodontist misdiagnosed me with infection in the tooth. Can I get a refund?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Stewart Shernan replied 1 year ago.

Hello there,

It is possible to have residual pain in a tooth that needed a root canal - even after the root canal has been completed. There may be problems with the tooth in addition to the infection or nerve inflammation that the dentist diagnosed, which required the root canal. If the tooth is cracked, for example, there may be pain following a root canal. In addition, if the root canal treatment did not sufficiently remove all of the tissue from the roots of the teeth, pain may persist.

You may well have gingivitis. But gingivitis doesn't generally cause the kind of tooth pain that precipitates root canal treatment. Gingivitis generally manifests with bleeding gums and irritation - not a toothache. So treating your gingivitis probably won't stop significant pain in this tooth.

If you have residual pain in your tooth following a root canal I'd suggest asking your dentist (or getting a second opinion) what the source of the pain is. It is possible he may retreat the root canal. It is also possible the cause of your pain is a different issue on the same tooth.

If the dentist performed a root canal and it has been determined to have been a misdiagnosis by himself or another dentist, he will probably offer some sort of remediation. Most dentists want their patients to be happy and healthy as a result of their treatment and will work hard to do so. The certainly should, anyway.

Let me know if you need additional information to answer your question. I'm here to help. Otherwise a positive rating would be much appreciated.

Be well,

Dr Shernan

Expert:  Stewart Shernan replied 1 year ago.

Hi again,

If you need any additional information to answer your question I'm here to help - and happy to do so. Otherwise, a positive rating for my effort would be much appreciated.

Be well,

Dr Shernan