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Stewart Shernan
Stewart Shernan,
Category: Dental
Satisfied Customers: 373
Experience:  Owner, Practitioner at Stewart D. Shernan, DMD
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All teth on left side hurting jaw is swollen please help

Customer Question

all teth on left side hurting jaw is swollen please help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Stewart Shernan replied 1 year ago.

Hello there,

Can you give me a bit more information ? When did the pain start ? Is there one tooth that hurts more than others ? And is there evidence of a cavity or broken tooth anywhere in that area ? If you could upload a photo that would be helpful. Otherwise we can proceed without if necessary.

Dr Shernan

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It's all the teeth can't pin point just one
Expert:  Stewart Shernan replied 1 year ago.

OK. No worries.

It is, of course, not possible to offer a certain diagnosis based on your symptoms alone. But it is likely that you have a dental infection. While there are many possibilities, your symptoms are most consistent with this. When a tooth becomes infected, the pain can be severe enough to result in a phenomenon known as "referred pain". This is a situation where intense pain radiates through the jaw (mandible) making it difficult or impossible for the individual to determine the exact source. A clinical examination with an xray would certainly clarify the source of the dental pain for you. The swelling suggests the likelihood of infection, which probably needs to be addressed with an antibiotic prescription. I would strongly suggest that you call your dentist and request emergency treatment and a likely prescription for antibiotics. He or she can also prescribe a stronger medicine for your pain. This is an issue that should not wait longer than necessary, as the infection, if present, will likely spread. In the interim, the best over the counter pain medication would be Advil or Naproxin.

Hopefully you will be treated by your dentist and feel better soon.

Please let me know if you need additional information to answer your question. Otherwise I'd appreciate a positive rating.

Be well,

Dr Shernan

Expert:  Stewart Shernan replied 1 year ago.

I hope your problem has been solved. Please let me know if you need more information to answer your question. If not I'd appreciate a positive rating for my effort to assist you.

Be well,

Dr Shernan