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Dr. Katz
Dr. Katz, Dentist - DDS
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Experience:  Dentist and Anesthesiologist for 37 years.Anesthesiology Fellow-Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.Evaluator for Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners.
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I am 50 yrs old. I have a primary bicuspid on lower right

Customer Question

I am 50 yrs old. I have a primary bicuspid on lower right with permanent bicuspid lying below the gum.
I have been aware of my condition since my teens. Lost 1 primary tooth at 15 and permanent one came in. Lost another in late 20's and same thing, permanent tooth came in..
I am have a pain with this one, it is loose, but not loose enough to come out. I believe the tooth in the gum has been moving into place, as it is not as low in gum.
I have MS and other health issues.
No abcess, no bleeding, tooth is loose.
I am on Medicare no dental insurance. I believe my dentist has retired. I do not want to go through all the procedures of new dentist. I know what is going on, just need to know that it is moving correctly.
I studied Dental Hygiene, but due to health, did not graduate.
I don't feel it is a emergency, as I know the permanent tooth is there.
But I physically and medically do not tolerate medical procedures. Low immune system and high infection rate.
Have wore my TMJ splint for last 2 days to protect the tooth ( My splint is for lower teeth). Also had to apply orajel this evening.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Katz replied 1 year ago.

The tooth that you are referring to is actually your primary molar.There are no primary bicuspid teeth.The roots of this primary molar have all but disintegrated and all that is left is the remaining crown and just a fragment of the root is left holding the crown in place.This tooth needs to be extracted and it is a simple procedure and inexpensive to do because there is very little left of the root structure.That is why it is loose.You are in no real danger because the tooth has probably been nonvital for many years and because it is loose,even if the gum may be locally inflamed,it will not cause any facial swelling or any major infection.The permanent bicuspid tooth may or may not erupt in the future.I cannot tell without looking at an xray of the area.Rinsing with some warm salt water or peroxide will help keep the area clean.You should make an appointment when you can to have this tooth removed.It is not a complicated or invasive process.The tooth may even fall out on its own but you want to make sure that no root fragments are still under the gum because this will cause the area to be irritated.This is not an emergency but is more of a nuisance.Any general dentist that has been in practice for 5 years can solve this problem for you quickly.You do not have to worry.

Expert:  Dr. Katz replied 1 year ago.

Is there any other information that I can give you?

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