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Which dental ceramic has the LEAST radioactive

Customer Question

which dental ceramic has the LEAST radioactive characteristics? I need a 3 piece bridge and my dentist wants to use a zirconium bridge which I feel may be radioactive, and Im looking for the LEAST radioactive choice! Emax was also suggected, any advice? Thanks, Jane
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  drbigreddog replied 1 year ago.

A zirconia bridge is the strongest thing we've got unless you want to go all metal bridge (most people don't!) Zirconia is a good choice although I tend to use it for back teeth as I personally don't like it in front teeth as zirconia doesn't have the natural vitality to it.

Emax, although not as strong as zirconia, is what I would do if it is a front bridge.

There is no radiation or radioactivity associated with any dental bridge material. Perhaps the dentist was saying the term radioopaque or radiolucent. Radioopaque things show up better on xrays. Not really a concern.

Let me know if I have answered your question or you need further info.

Expert:  drbigreddog replied 1 year ago.

Any further questions?