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Sherry Catania
Sherry Catania,
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Experience:  Dentist at State of Connecticut, UCONN Health
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I had a sinus lift and bone graft 17 days ago. I had normal

Customer Question

Hi, I had a sinus lift and bone graft 17 days ago. I had normal recovery then about 8 days into it I got a huge sinus infection on the left same side of graft etc. I knew I had an infection bc I got a fever and had aterrible.metalic taste in my.mouth. and starting post nasal drip. This was 4 days ago. When to dentist and told him next morning. He out me.on augment 875 twice a day and metro something three times a day. That night I have a major fever was so sick and woke up with all the bone graft in my mouth. Felt line amount full of sand. Face was killing me hurt all over. Then I started calling top ent docs in the area bc he tom me to go to an ent. I found a grwt.maxiofscial guy and ent and otolaryngologist. He did his own scan said infection was big. He gave me steriods 6 tabs a day for 10 days started that yesterday at 3pm. I have rebounded great. More energy less pain facial able to chew on the right side. But today all thus gross yellow cottage cheese pus and liquid yellow stuff is oozing out of the graft site. My check is sore abd swollen. I called the dentist and she said to wait it out the drugs are working. Dude. He needs to drain this or remove the graft right? I can't stay like this. It's weird. Called the ent tonight and waiting for him to weight in. Now my sinus feels clear and no nasal drip but all this puss is coming out! It's so gross!! Just need to know if I need to get a new dental surgeon and got this stuff removed.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Sherry Catania replied 1 year ago.

The fact it is draining is a good sign. First thing. Second thing you need to realize the infection isn't coming from the bone graft itself but rather there is an opening between your sinus and your mouth. This could clear up with antibiotics and the opening could heal but honestly that is unlikely. You need to call your oral surgeon and say I need this opening closed. If he won't do it then find another surgeon. This isn't life or death but should be addressed once the infection clears up. Otherwise you will continue to have an infection. Also keep rinsing with warm water and do not apply heat to outside of face. It will make swelling worse. Cold outside if you feel it reduces swelling and warm rinses to infection (pus) draining. If you spike a fever ER IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise call surgeon Monday

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, i am a really good healthy patient but this was a space from a tooth pulled 4 years ago. Dentist put a small rear in ky sinus and I told him this. I waited 4 years and saw top peri dentist in boston. Only the best at tufts wanted to do it. Should I just fly back to boston now that feel better and get her fix it. I am in Florida now. Or can thus facial ent doc do it. I ask bc thus kero seems to dodge and avoid anything about me saying let's go back in drain it remove it or anything. I am a lawyer so he might be avoiding me. But I have been super nice though in such pain and told him stuff happens just get me well and if it doesn't work no problem. I tried and will get a bridge. I am an athletic and just want to get back to gym and put it behind me. I will ask the ent monday asap to see him then see if we can't this dentist to get more aggressive. If not I will look for another surgeon. I don't any new doc that wants to get involved with a patient so close post opt with so many complications. I will have a saint to feel sorry for a lawyer. Any other advice is greatly appreciated and listen we all have professions where we learn every day. Maybe I can be a medical study and help the next patient. But I would never sue anyone. I honestly think that is why he is pushing drugs and an ent. Too bad.
Expert:  Sherry Catania replied 1 year ago.

i am guessing this infection is a result of the graft site not closing properly. Whenever you deal with the sinus there is a possibility of thAt opening not healing properly. When that is the case bad infections will happen. Like the one you are still experiencing. I imagine an ENT could surgically repair it but oral surgeons repair these type of openings all the time. If the dentist that did the graft is a competent surgeon they shouldn't even be concerned. If they are pretending you won't need this surgically repaired go to someone reputable. An oral surgeon will clean up another dentists mess. Just find someone competent. And keep doing warm rinses. Keep the infection draining. Good luck.

Expert:  Sherry Catania replied 1 year ago.

If you have any further questions or need some clarification please let me know. If you are happy with my service, please provide a rating. Thank you so much for using JustAnswer. Dr C.

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