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Julian Chen
Julian Chen, Dentist
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The veneer on my front tooth just popped off. It is not

Customer Question

The veneer on my front tooth just popped off. It is not damaged and no significant sensitivity, but I look horrendous. Any way to affix it temporarily until I can see my dentist on Monday???
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Julian Chen replied 2 years ago.

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that your veneer popped off on you. However, I'm glad to read that it's in one piece, but more importantly, that you're not having much sensitivity as a result of this. Assuming there is no recurrent decay/cavity on your natural tooth structure, then your dentist should have little-to-no trouble re-cementing/re-bonding the veneer back into place.

Now to answer your question, there is no safe way to affix the veneer temporarily until you see your dentist. DO NOT use superglue. You'd be lucky to not get it all over the place and glue your lips shut or your fingers together. But superglue will leave a nasty residue on your tooth that is difficult to remove and when doing so, will alter the shape of the underlying tooth structure, therefore result in a weaker bond when your dentist attempts to re-bond it.

Other types of glue that you can buy at the local pharmacy is too weak and will not hold the veneer securely in place. And you would not want to have it fly off and shatter, or accidentally swallow it, or worse yet, aspirate it into your trachea/lungs, which would then earn you a trip to the ER for chest X-rays.

You can try calling your dentist to see if he/she has a 24-hour ER hotline and possibly convince them to see you this weekend. Or search online to see if there is a local dentist to you that work weekends and have it properly re-cemented. Or you may have to wait until Monday morning.


Julian W. Chen, DDS