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Jay Peck, DDS
Jay Peck, DDS, Dentist (DDS or equivalent)
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Private practice dentist and Assistant Professor at the OU dental school. Completed Advanced General Dentistry residency.
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I am having this strange dry mouth (somewhat metallic) taste

Customer Question

I am having this strange dry mouth (somewhat metallic) taste following implant of one lower incisors
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 2 years ago.


Thanks for putting up your question on Just Answer.

It is very unlikely that the dry mouth is because of the implant.

Dryness of the mouth, what we call xerostomia, is not uncommon at your age. There are various causes for xerostomia, the most common being a side effect of other medicines. Other common causes are infections of the salivary glands and radiation therapy.

For accurate diagnosis of xerostomia, your salivary flow rate needs to be measured.If found low, there are many ways by which salivary secretion can be stimulated.

When the saliva flow is restored to normal; the dryness and the soreness will disappear. I suggest you visit the Oral Medicine department of the dental school nearest to you for the treatment of dry mouth.

I am not in a position to prescribe you specific medications, without performing a physical examination and getting your salivary flow rates.What I can advise you for the time being, is to chew on sugar-free gum to stimulate your salivary glands to secrete more saliva. Also, visit this resource: for some great products that will help you taste better.

The most common cause for altered taste (dysguesia) is a lack of adequate salivary flow. Saliva is essential in dissolving the food particles and thus making them accessible to our taste buds, which then trigger the appropriate sensory nerve endings. When the saliva flow is restored to normal; taste sensation will return to normal.

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to contact me again for more information. Please leave a positive rating for me if this answer has helped you. I do not get credit for it otherwise.

Good Luck !

Dr. Behere

Expert:  Jay Peck, DDS replied 2 years ago.
Dry mouth (xerostomia) can cause altered taste sensation (dyguesia). The causes of xerostomia are many. Implant placement itself is not a likely cause but it could be possible in rare cases. Could you give me some more history? When was the implant placed? Do you take any medications regularly? Were there any changes to your medications and/or oral hygiene routines at the time of implant placement?