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I had a recent tooth retreatment on tooth 32 on May 18th. On

Customer Question

I had a recent tooth retreatment on tooth 32 on May 18th. On June 1 I returned to my endo doctor and he checked and advised the procedure went well---I had some discomfort the first/second day after the procedure, then the tooth felt good. After my check-up appointment, I returned to my dentist to have a temporary filling placed on the tooth, that occurred on Thur, June 4th.
My dentist said we should wait 6 month before we have a permanent crown placed on the tooth, said we should let things settle and be sure the tooth has healed. The past 3-4 days I have begun to have pain/discomfort in the tooth--more so at night while sleeping yet it seems to be occurring more frequently in general---at its worst maybe a 7 out of 10 in regard to pain.
I recently read an article which suggest that the permanent crown should be completed soon after the temporary filling to avoid coronal leakage.
Can you please advise what is the standard, recommended practice for completing a permanent crown in my situation--soon after temporary crown or wait 6 months as my dentist has recommended?
Thank you.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  drbigreddog replied 2 years ago.

The standard is that in a normal, well done root canal, we want a crown placed within say a month to prevent coronal leakage as you mentioned. Also, a crown protects the weakened tooth against further fracturing.

Now in your case, you say retreatment. So...I'm assuming this tooth had a root canal done prior? If so, you had to get it retreated because it failed. The prognosis for re treats is never as good as the first time, especially if the first one was a long time ago (10 years or more). The pain you describe (7 out of 10) is not from coronal leakage. It is to soon. I suspect something else has gone wrong...possibly a fractured root in the tooth. Impossible to tell for sure over the internet. But honestly, it does not look great. Call your doc (preferably the root canal doc) and get on some antibiotic. You probably will need to go back to the root canal doc for evaluation and final diagnosis.

Oh, specifically, if we are waiting 6 months before placing a permanent crown like in your case, we do put in a temporary crown or a temporary filling. That is standard operating procedure.