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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
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Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA
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Is it normal to have skin tag things with little veins in

Customer Question

Is it normal to have skin tag things with little veins in them under your tongue. Never really looked under there, in the past year i was on prednisone and that alone did crazy things to my body, plus im taking a medication Absorica which makes your mouth very dry. I also used apple cider vinegar to try make the skin tag things go away. Also eat alot of hot things like peppers and garlic. I also noticed on the side of my tongue towards the back there some swollen tast bud thing. Any help would be great. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr Matthew Kremser replied 2 years ago.

Very normal to have skin tags- I have several and just answered a question last week regarding tongue skin tags and the floor of the mouth. We have very large papillae on the sides of our tongues and on the top in the very back- circumvallate and foliate papillae. A picture could help if you would like...