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A crown that i had placed on tooth #20 about 8 years ago came

Customer Question

a crown that i had placed on tooth #20 about 8 years ago came loose last november, unfortunately i bit down on it and chipped a large part of it off. my new dentist added a post to the tooth and had a new crown made. this has been problematic from the start, the temporary fell off 3 times, the new crown had to be adjusted so much that the metal under the porcelain is now visible. the new crown fell off again about 3 weeks ago, my dentist cemented it back on. now the real trouble: a few days ago the crown came out with the post attached. after this happened i did some research and found that posts can significantly weaken tooth structure and cause irreparable fractures. i'm concerned that maybe my dentist is not very skillful and that i should not further trust her judgement.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Dr. Behere replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for putting up your question on Just Answer.
There are a lot of arguments both for and against the use of posts. I personally prefer using fibre posts where there is a loss of of a majority of the crown of the tooth.
Was a fibre post used in your case or a metal post?
Fibre posts have two advantages :
1. They form a better bond with the tooth
2. They have the property of flexing when excessive stress is applied to them. Thus, they prevent fracture if the tooth.
Its difficult for anyone to say if your dentist did a good skillful job or not, given the impossibility of reviewing her work at every step.
What I can suggest is, if you don't mind trying a restorative option again rather than getting the tooth pulled, is opt for a fiber post this time.
Hope this answers your question. Please feel free to contact me again for more information.
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