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Mark Bornfeld, DDS
Mark Bornfeld, DDS, Dentist
Category: Dental
Satisfied Customers: 5757
Experience:  Clinical instructor, NYU College of Dentistry; 37 years private practice experience in general dentistry, member Academy of General Dentistry, ADA
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Dr. Peel: I am being asked to place another deposit in, and

Customer Question

Dr. Peel: I am being asked to place another deposit in, and I am being directed to an appointment with another Dentist by the name of Dr Mark Bornfelfd. I can no longer see the quite lengthy response that I wrote to you yesterday, and left up...along with this page, because I wanted to see if customer service could help me (they failed to grasp my issue), or that I could come back here in the morning today and see if I could catch you by chance. Now I am completely worried. Long story short, I have "lost" the contact information you so graciously left for me due to a comp crash in a lightening storm. I went into our thread here, and what has occurred is on my end, all I can see is asterisk's in place of your contact information (ie- your email, phone #, etc, and the same for all of the amazing resources you provided). I contacted customer service and asked them about reaching out to you, but did not want to provide too much detail, as I was concerned that for you and your such above and beyond the call and tender care for me--I just didn't want your relationship with this revenue stream be put in jeopardy at all because you have gone to such great lengths to help me--but, they weren't able to figure out what I was asking either, and when I discovered that my message yesterday (and I'm assuming at the very least the message I was responding to) would be seen by another dentist, and will apparently Again See This Message--I became concerned. Not for me....for You. The other BIG ISSUE is this PAYMENT...The first one and this next one. When I recvd your 1st msg regarding the process for you to receive payment, I didn't even wait for you to "check" on it....I went right over. Rated you BIG SMILEY, and a Written Review that should stop them in their tracks. I meant EVERY WORD. I need to know tho that you got paid, b/c I was debited straight away, and I don't see where I have given any ratings. I'm definitely not a "tech dummy"...I know what I'm doing, so this sort of bugs me, especially given all of your work, kindness, and the fact that I had sent you a quick 2nd message yesterday (after the first), letting you know that I have literally scraped together a weeks worth of grocery money, and wanted to offer it to you. It is not much (35 bucks), but it truly would mean a lot to me if you could accept it, knowing that if I had the ability to place 3 zero's after that number, I would do it without thinking twice! And who knows, if I can get my teeth back, I am sure I can get back into the "game"...then I KNOW you would be at the very top of my list! So, please let me know how to proceed. I'm sort of bothered that I'm going to have to put in my card info, risk going upside down at the bank, when I have very limited funds, and they are set aside for you, not an unknown doctor. I'm literally between a rock and a hard spot. If I put the deposit in, and they debit it through, I go upside down, customer service can say, "well, you can always ask for a refund." First, for me, that isn't the ethical thing to do. Second, even if I was to do something like that, I am charged (just like every other poor person), an additional 35 dollars per transaction that hits my account while overdrawn. So, the one that I use to try to get to extra 35 dollars I will never see again. Oh, and this is the end of the month. I will have several automatic debits for bills (electricity, garbage,etc) drop on the acct. Depending on what day my "pittance" is deposited, I could either slide by "the Grace of God"...or....well, that is why I don't believe in being dishonest or unethical. They always used to say that "nice guys always finish first"....I thought I was one of the nice ones. Really. I consciously made/make efforts to consider others before myself, take chances and lend a hand--and I HAVE been rewarded richly (you are a perfect example of that). But I have to say, the past 13 years or so have been pretty rough. I do look inward, to God, humanity for my lessons. I'm sorry. I'll take the chance, hit send, and hopefully you'll get this! Kim Jordan :)
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dental
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for upholding the exemplary privacy and meaningful use standards this tool has made available to the public.
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
Hello KimberlyAnswerSubmit this Q&A as an Expert Test Question4/28/2015 at 5:07 PM (2 days and 6 hours later)Your customer rated: Excellent serviceHello KimberlyI have found a good referral for you.Georgia Mountain Health Dental ClinicPhone: ***-***-****Speak to Joan Tiptonemail: *****@******.***Joan is the office manager for the clinicI spoke to her at length and she was quite helpful. The clinic she works for is booked until the first of June but at that time will start making appointments.The fee is sliding scale and based on income. She has referrals for some dental labs that do the dentures for an even cheaper price. Not great but at least you get a smile until something better comes along. Sometimes they get special funding for cases like yours that are at the bottom of the income scale but no guarantees. We can work on that if you can just make the appointment.Clinics that are low cost are hard to get appointment time in so brace yourself for a wait for appointment and time in between appointments.Georgia Baptist has doctors that work pro bono as well but you have to be a squeaky wheel to get an appointment. Be persistent! Use me as a referral if you like or an advocate and provide my contact.There is a little Medical Clinic in Ellijay also :***-***-****Will help with meds and does treat low income folks.Write back and let me know how things are.
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
The women I spoke with both seemed like they will be solution oriented. I think it is worth a try to reach out and connect. There are ride options and money may be found but not guaranteed. Lets cross one bridge at a time OK?
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
Were you able to access my email?
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
I am afraid I can't change the payment system . All you can do is try to contact me .So sorry.
I live in Naples , Florida and have worked at the Friendship Health center for 4.5 years. Stopped last year. I know how these clinics work and they are difficult to access and get timely appointments but they do work. Worth a try.
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
you OK?
Expert:  Dr. Peel replied 2 years ago.
Will be away again for a while . Let me know how you are .

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