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Dr. Peel
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I went in to get my teeth pulled ,now I've got a mouth full

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I went in to get my teeth pulled ,now I've got a mouth full of dentures that I can't even close my mouth, when I went in I had an over bite ,now dentures line up ,and I can't even close my lips,what gives?
Hello , my name is***** and I will try my best to provide you with the answer to your question.
I don't know where you went to get this done but it sounds a bit like one of the popular denture mills that pull and place in one day.
In any case, your vertical dimension is too high and this will need adjusting by either remaking the denture or relining it.
Some of your problem may be due to your swelling from the extractions so I would imagine the dentist will want to wait a bit before he/she re-makes or adjusts anything.
If you would like you may send a picture or additional information and we can continue to discuss, otherwise I hope my answer helped you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi doc, no I didn't go to one of the mills in fact it's been a year. I went to one of the most expensive dentist in town and it took a long time and a lot of money(thousands),three thousand just for the dentures. will the dentist restore my overbite ? thanks

Oh, that's even worse. I can't imagine you would get such an uncomfortable result with all that money and time spent.
Dentures are tough I think some patients (that I have had) think they will be easier than bad teeth but they are not. It is truly a learning curve to wear them with success.
Dentures have to me made with dimension that keeps your mouth open to a certain amount so that your jaw can work optimally and your tissues can be supported. Next, your bite has to be supported in a balanced way so that when you bite you do not tip them out in the front, back or with side to side motions. Things like overbite are counter to the balance that a denture needs to have so it might not be possible to replicate that which you had before and had got used to over your lifetime. Consequently, this new way of biting must be adapted to in most cases.
I am afraid that the only thing I can advise is to see your dentist or get a second clinical opinion.
Alternatively, there are new soft and more pliable materials to make at least the upper one with which may make you feel a little more comfortable. They are usually thinner and more flexible.
I hope this helps.
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