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I have just had a tooth in my lower left jaw extracted

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I have just had a tooth in my lower left jaw extracted today...about 4 round from the front
It took a long ti,e to extract and it felt as though the instrument used to extract the tooth was using the adjacent tooth as a lever and was painful at the time despite having had a numbing injection
Now 8 hours later this adjacent tooth is quite wobbly and is very sensitive to the you think it has been damaged during the extraction
Many thanks for looking at my question
Hello , my name is***** and I will try my best to provide you with the answer to your question.
When a tooth is extracted , the periodontal ligament and the bone surrounding the tooth must be pried away , so to speak, in order to get the tooth out. Using leverage by wedging an instrument between the tooth to be extracted and another tooth can be done if both are to be extracted but not in the case where one tooth is healthy and needs to remain. Wedging an instrument between the two teeth would damage the integrity of the healthy tooth's periodontal ligament and may even damage the bone on that side.
Having said that, it is done by some when the extraction itself is particularly difficult and the alternative might be to remove additional bone around the tooth to be extracted , causing a defect. The dental surgeon may have been trying to preserve the socket bone as much as possible.
If the periodontal ligament was stretched in the process or compromised in any way, it may heal and be just fine. I am concerned that you are having pain and that it is 'wobbly' but it may firm up an a few days to a week and be fine.
It sounds like a particularly traumatic extraction case . You will be sore for a few days to a week I would expect.
You are doing all of the correct home remedies. In couple of days I would add a warm salt water rinse.
Mix 2 tsp salt in 6 oz very warm water. Rinse and repeat until gone and repeat this morning and night.
If you continue to have pain in the tooth I would advise returning to the dental surgeon and letting him/her have a look. I don' know what the status of that tooth was from the start as I have no x-rays but it could be that it was in a questionable state and this trauma just added stresses that may have made it worse. If it was a healthy tooth and suffered the trauma, however, it will probably be OK.
I hope you feel better soon. Remember to be on a soft or liquid diet for a few days. I advise my patients to eat Popsicles or ice cream to help with the swelling. Try and get some rest.
Please ask more if I can help further.
Dr. Peel and other Dental Specialists are ready to help you
I hope all is well and your pain is subsided. Let me know if you have any further concerns!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for taking the time to ask about my tooth I visited my dentist and had it x-rayed and was told the root and my jaw bone were very badly bruised I am going back next Friday as he said it may firm up again or may need root canal treatment.
The wobbly tooth is still quite painful to the touch...I just hope it doesn't fall out!!!
Could I check did you get the money for answering my question?
Thanks once again
Sue x
Thank you Sue, I did get the payment.
I think if you give this time and patience the tooth may firm up . If it does not a root canal would be wise as it would help the tooth survive for quite a few years and is much better than any other alternative.
Thanks again and please ask me anything in the future is you need help.