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I have severe body aches all over my body its been 3 weeks

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I have severe body aches all over my body its been 3 weeks now . Its to the point I can hardly walk I did go to a wa;lk in clinic they drew blood said im ok that was last week but im worse now .. I did have a tooth split a few months ago the inside was black but hasnt t caused any pain so i left it ..Now in the past 3 weeks with al this pain the tooth has caUsed some on and off pretty bad pain ...I was wondering should i go to the hospital or a dentist and have the tooth pulled could the tooth possibly being dead cause widespread system bacteria infection
Hello , my name is***** and I will try my best to provide you with the answer to your question.
It is impossible to say from here whether your symptoms are all related to the tooth but nevertheless it does sound like the tooth pulp is exposed or infected.
Having said that, an abscessed tooth can cause generalized systemic infection and that can be , in fact , life threatening. Fever, chills, malaise , rash and tooth pain and swelling would indicate a serious problem that should be addressed as an emergency.
I would highly advise that you get to a dentist/oral surgeon as soon as possible to have this professionally assessed and attended to. If none is available you will need to go to an urgent care center or and emergency room but they will only provide antibiotics.
The cure for an abscessed tooth is root canal or extraction. Antibiotics may be advised before but will only lower the level of infection for a while and not cure the problem.
I hope this helps. Please ask more if I can help you further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the reply, I know its impossible to say if this could be the reason for all my severe pain but is it feasible ?

Now im wondering maybe you can help me here i went to a walk in clinic last week told them about the pain ... I mentioned the tooth and asked if it was possible the bacteria from the tooth could get systemic the Dr there said no if it was bactrial infection yoiu be dead by down.. I just find that hard to believe .. But the blood work showed nothing wrong ..Would this show up in blood work ? not sure if he even checked for bacterial infection .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just left you a reply to your answer i will give more for you staying with me here , but i was just rereading your reply funny but i also broke out in a rash 4 days ago all over my body , also if you will reply to my response the questions i asked but when nyou say generalized systemic what does generalized mean ? Can that be all over the body pain , as i said the pain in the tooth area has not been that bad but has been on and off since getting the whole body aches there was two ndasys the tooth was real painful ,, Why would this not show up on blood work ?

The infection from an abscessed can most certainly spread . Body aches would feel like aches you get when you have the flu. The doctor was partially right in that if the infection does become systemic you could die but that is not always the case.
The initial symptoms of spreading infection would be localized around the tooth and related tissues. There would be swelling and exudate, possibly a boil and next there would be bone destruction. When the infection spreads beyond that and enters the blood stream you may experience fever,chills, lethargy, general body pain,pain in the tooth and redness and swelling around the affected area.
Beyond that would be a condition called sepsis and that is life threatening. The degree of difference small and can escalate quite quickly and that is why we advise immediate treatment for any abscessed tooth.
Even before sepsis, if a tooth infection lingers , complications can include heart murmurs, night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, aching joints and more.
I am not sure what kind of test the doctor there ordered.Bacteremia diagnosis would need several blood cultures taken over several hours to discover. He probably just looked for an elevated white count in a CBC and that is a reasonable first step but not always diagnostic. I will agree that this would have escalated rapidly if you indeed had sepsis.
Suffice to say the tooth need to be treated now and best to get it done asap.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok im going to try and get to my dentist but you are saying abscessed how would i know if its abscessed there is nothing unusual looking about it other then it beinbg split in half and the middle black there is no swelling on the tooth right now pushing there is no pain at all the tongue is swollen a bit though and in that area its like a bubble i think cause the tongue is just swelled and its pressing against the vteetyh though

I think my best advice would be to check this out by going to a dentist and having a clinical assessment.
You have all the symptoms of an abscessed tooth so that is the best advice I can offer.
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