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My tooth to the left of my front tooth has just fallen out

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My tooth to the left of my front tooth has just fallen out it had recently been filled and my dentist had warned this could happen as it was mostly old filling. Will I be able to get an emergency appointment it is a Sunday I cannot go to work like this tomorrow I am so embarrassed and I am supposed to be going away on Wednesday, is there any temporary measure that can make it look better, it is so awful
Hello , my name isXXXXX and I will try my best to provide you with the answer to your question.

I am sorry to say that if the entire tooth is gone there is no temporary 'at home' or 'over the counter' measure. Your best bet is to make an emergency appointment with your dentist for Monday and get some treatment. The easiest and quickest remedy is to have a flipper made. This can still involve a laboratory procedure and takes a few days at least. Another is a 'Maryland' bridge that can be made chair side , if your dentist does these. Many do not because they have been deemed temporary and not reliable.

I hope this helps some. I know you are in a difficult position and wish I could offer more but this is one of those things that will involve a clinical visit and care.
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