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Dr. Mariana
Dr. Mariana, Orthodontist
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Experience:  Orthodontist and Pediatric Dentist since 1990.
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What can cause a skin tag underneath the tongue?

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I have several "skin tags" under my tongue. They run along a vein on each side under my tongue. What are they? I have sent pictures for you to see, there are several skin tags and one looks inflamed with white puss at the base. My tongue has become sore for the last two days.

These pictures have been removed for privacy. To me it does look like plica fimbriata. Let me show you a pic that looks just like it -

This is a form by residual developmental tissue and they often do not require treatment. The rest of the anatomy of your tongue looks normal.

So you do not think any treatment is required? Do you think the white puss at the base of the tag on the left hand side is any cause for concern?

Dr. Mariana:
You might have traumatized it with something sharp, while you were eating. I would try to eat softer foods and rinse after meals for a few days, just like a canker sore. I don't think treatment is required.

Okay, you have put my mind at ease. I never noticed them before and didn't know what to think. Are these normal for people to get? Will they go away or am I to expect this will be a part of my mouth moving forward?

Dr. Mariana:
Many people have these. It is normal and they will go away, you can relax.
I am glad to have put your mind at ease!


Great! Thanks for your excellent service!

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