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How much do dentures cost with extractions?

Resolved Question:

How much does a full mouth extraction and dentures cost? What is the least expensive place to get this work done competently? Are foreign options a good idea?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dental
Expert:  Jasleen Bagga replied 5 years ago.

As per the recent dental survey in US, the average cost of dentures is $1300 - $1600 (single denture). So, you could multiply it by 2 for a complete set of upper and lower dentures. On most occasions, it would be around $3000 for complete set of dentures.
In a similar way, it would be tough to speculate the cost of extraction as depends upon many factors such as location of the dentist, experience of the dentist, whether the extraction has been done at a dental school or at a private clinic and few others. However, as i could give you a general ballpark estimate.
The average fee for an uncomplicated extraction is around $150, however, in case of complicated extraction / surgical extraction, you could expect the cost between $200 - $350.
If money is a constraint, you could consider 'Dental Schools '. Dental schools are less expensive, around 1/3rd of the cost what you pay for extraction to a private dental office.You could also consider free dental camps for the same.
You could get a list of dental schools from :-
The list of camps could be taken from :-
If you are looking for any financial assistance, you could consider a couple of well known financial Institutions who might offer you assistance. A couple of reputed financial institutions are :-
Most of the dental offices offer carecredit finance. These are the health credit cards that allows you to make payment over 12 - 18 months with 0% interest for dental related treatments. These procedures could be done in foreign locations such as Mexico, Singapore or even Bangkok. However, if you ask my personal opinion, I would rather advise you to seek a dentist within US.
Could you trust someone in other country such as Mexico for such an extensive procedure? Especially for a complex course of treatment such as denture prosthetics, the opportunities for treatment complications are a consideration.If there is any complication that might arise as a result of the treatment, it would be tough to resolve that issue without returning to the dentist who provided the service. Though it might looks attractive in the beginning, however it might not be a good idea in a long run.
You could ask your friends or relative for a referral. Moreover, you could ask the price from few dentists in your area as the cost of treatment would really vary from dentist to dentist.Moreover, you could try to find a dentist who accepts care credit or all finance.
You could also call up the dental offices and check for their individual payment policies. Most of the payment policies that they have might now allow you to spread the payment beyond 3 - 4 months. So, i would rather advise you to check the above 2 links and see, if that's helps you.

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